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It tells the story of where the planets, sun and moon were at the exact moment of our birth and how these placements influence our lives. By interpreting the roles of the planets and their qualities (the signs and houses), astrology is able to present a complete picture of the person and their potential based on the natal chart.Every person has a dominant self and a subordinate self. Within astrology the dominant self comes from the sun and the subordinate self comes from the moon.
The moon is a self of changing moods and reacts to the dominant self and to others.The lower hemisphere of the chart, consisting of the 6 Houses below the horizon, deals with the individual's private world and inflowing. The upper hemisphere, consisting of the 6 Houses above the horizon, deals with the individual's public world and out flowing energies.The meaning of the signs is very similar to the meaning of the houses. One difference is that while the planets influence the areas of life associated with the houses in which they are located, the signs influence the planets' expression of their own functions. The planets are the action, the signs are the areas of action and each sign is ruled by a planet.The First House represents the self, the behaviour and image projected into the world.
This includes the appearance of the body, instinctive behaviour, habitual mode of acting, self-image, our public "mask", vitality, health.The Third House controls the habitual interactions with the everyday-stimulations, our skills to deal with day-to-day living.

It includes personal activities such as thinking, speaking, writing, education, learning, speech, hobbies.The Fourth House describes the character of our private environment, the "ground" that supports us in the world. This includes the home life, parents, (especially the mother), our native land, traditions, the past, emotional background.The Seventh House relates to building the self that we present to the public world.
It therefore covers aspects as marriage, partnerships, legal affairs, disputes, divorce, business partners, open enemies. It covers aspects such as death, challenges to our personal status, attraction, illumination, rebirth, sexuality.The Tenth House relates to the character of our public environment, achievements, prestige for our labours.
During childhood it can describe the father.The Eleventh House describes elements such as the fellowship of like-minded people, group identity.
This includes hopes, wishes, humanitarian social networking, friendship, our roots in the social world.The Twelfth House rules the inner life, personal unconscious, repressions, and limitations.
If the Sun is at 28 degrees Gemini, and Mars is at 29 degrees Gemini, they are in conjunction with 1degree orb. A conjunction allows the energies of the planets involved to work together.Groups of fixed stars existing in a circle outside or beyond the tropical zodiac.

They are divided into sections bearing the same names as tropical signs, reflecting the time around 221AD when the tropical and sidereal zodiacs coincided.Our current calendar. Supersede the Julian calendar as of October 1582, although some countries delayed converting to the new calendar system. They are identified by giving each a number from one to twelve in an anti clockwise direction commencing with the first division below the horizon on the left-hand or eastern side of the chart. The placement of planets in the houses of the birth chart will affect the affairs and flow of energies appropriate to each house throughout the course of the native's life.A sign mode. Natives with many planets in Mutable Signs tend to be flexible individuals who bring about change.An Aspect in which two planets are approximately 180 degree apart.
If Jupiter is at 13 degrees Sagittarius, and Venus is at 12 degrees Gemini they are in opposition with a 1 degree orb.

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