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If you are into computer games, make sure to check out these games and please also pass on the link to your friends and your social network!
Here are some screenshots from the games… click on one of the icons to view the full image! Artist Profile: Scott Cawton (Texas, USA) Scott Cawthon, a graduate of the Art Institute of Houston, Texas, is an independent animation producer living in Texas, USA. Well, Scott Cawthon went from making family friendly christian games to horror games where animatronics try to kill you. My favorite of Scott Cawthon`s games is “Five Night`s at Freddy`s!” The 3rd game is coming soon! I would love a real moral game, intense in its values – and learning of good doctrine.
But it had some good points in it – beside the horrifying praying to the Cross, like an Idol worship. Your storytelling ability is absolutely astonishing, your rate of cranking out these games is frankly a bit intimidating, and at the end of the day, knowing you make Christian games makes me unbelievably happy. You have managed to capture one of the best, purest styles of horror and suspense, and I sincerely applaud you for it.
I have only played his Five Nights at Freddy’s games, but after I found out how great the message of The Desolate Hope is, I think that I will check out that game as well.

Hope Animation is a collaborative project of Christian animators, programmers and designers who want to spread the message and teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible through the use of new media, digital arts, computer games and animation. We currently finance the creation of our Christian Animations and Christian Computer Games mainly through our day jobs but hope to eventually be able to create Christian Media Resources full-time!
Improved millimeter scanner sight Engaging and addictive game story Latest Weapon technology warfare 2025 Cold War with China in Black Ops II showing amazing war machines. Make sure though to send Scott some positive and encouraging comments if you enjoy his products. Iffermoon and Desolate Hope both have great messages, amazing art and interesting gameplay. Based on what I’ve seen of the game, I would not have guessed he created Christian video games before. I’m surprised that such a simple game can inspire such a small but quickly growing fan base. I hope you had fun making all these games for us, and we hope that you have a great life even after your retirement(?)! Player will feel like he is inside the plot shooting at enemies and enjoying the latest game weapons. Some interesting features of Black Ops 2 game are Game missions in Afghanistan also include horse riding and stringer missiles. It’s great to see him use his creativity in such varied ways and see one of his games go viral!

Your attention to detail in the creation of an immersive, comprehensive story that is, to say the least, chilling is truly masterful.
Click on below button to free download Call of Duty Black Ops 2 game in resume able single Link. Getting positive feedback from people that enjoy his work will be a massive encouragement for him! Mos of the Black Ops II game reviews tell that this game exceeded the players expectations.
The good point of this release is that campaign is great and new stages are offered in league.
Previously we only got single player but due to huge requests I have updated it to new version.

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