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You won’t need to use that bright bathroom light anymore, and this will help those with bad aim to stay on target too. I ordered my light over a week ago u took the money out of my account but never sent the light what’s going on! If you are crafty like Martha Stewart, you could probably make a toilet bowl costume using a cardboard box, white paint and something blue for the toilet water.

This is the Illumibowl, a motion-activated light that clips onto a toilet rim between the seat and the bowl.
I think we all need a fancy space toilet to make us feel like we are peeing on a disco spaceship. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
It illuminates the bowl with the pre-selected color of your choice when it senses you’ve entered the bathroom.
The only thing missing is a musical dramatic cue that makes it sound like you have found the holy grail.

I mean, just imagine having a conversation with your child about not wanting to be a superhero or a Princess this Halloween.

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