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My daughter is the palest blondey you've ever seen, but her hair is super curly, kinky, dry, and frizzy. It is completely the opposite of my thick, wavy, greasy hair, so I totally commiserate with not knowing how to take care of your daughter's hair. Your DD's hair is definitely long enough for pig tails or a pony tail if you get the right stuff to style her hair with. ETA: I know a lot of people recommend Mixed Chicks products, but it completely dried out my hair, so just be cautious if you get that line. Get a Denman silicone styling brush, detangle only when wet and slathered with moisturizer! For a little girl, I'd do two strand twists, or bantu knots and take them out during the day for fabulous curls. I'd keep her rocking the afro, but to keep it from getting brittle and weak, there needs to be some nighttime care.

I've been a natural AA for over 3 years now with my own hair and previously I transitioned for 2 years from relaxers.
This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. A closeup of an adorable mixed race (Caucasian and African American) toddler girl with a serious expression on her face. My DD's hair is longer but I think you could get a few pigtails in your LO's hair and at least get the front part off her face.
If your DH has any family near you guys then ask them for tips on dealing with her awesome fro! Also, a little history on AA hair, our hair is the way it is because of early human history. When I switched to Ouidad for Kids and he got his first hair cut, his hair texture completely softened up.
My DD's hair is silky and curly, so it was hard for me (as a black woman) to deal with silky hair.

Equatorial regions are hot and our grows the way it grows, up and curly, to keep us cool and let the air blow through our hair, unlike silky hair where the hair sticks to the head causing less air circulation. With curly hair, it's really important to have the right cut, so if you haven't already, maybe take her to a black hair stylist for a quick trim (if she has knots that are hard to comb through) and the right products will work wonders.
I use Keracare for my hair and my hair dresser recommended using Keracare on DD's hair (I say that to let you know it's okay for little girls.) We were using Tiny Curls and Mixed Chicks on DD and since we started using Keracare, DD's hair has become more manageable and her curls look better. So I wouldnt worry too much about heat if you just let her gorgeous 'fro fly for the summer. I feel like this summer she will suffer from heat due to her hair, so i need some alternative hair styling suggestions PLEASE!!! You have to buy it at a salon or order it online, but it's well worth the inconvenience and money.

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