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Which is why it makes me all the happier that 2011 has provided us with this ingenious costume. So when you’re asked the same question enough times you start to daydream about possible answers you can give the innocently curious person standing before you.
I had a very rare date night with my husband last night & after dinner we couldn't find anything better to do than going to target.
My hooker wasn't drunk yet, but it was early and by the looks of that dress she has on, chances are good. I didn’t have a sharpie with me while at Meijer grocery store here in Indy so I grabbed my pen and attempted SOMEthing. Whether you are dropping your infant off for their first day ever away from the wicked awesomeness that is Mommy, or dropping your toddler off for their first day at a new daycare, the first day blows.
Speaking of The Germy Kid, his outbreaks of mucus- and fever-inducing bacteria lead many mamas to do what I call the Thermometer Mambo. The Missed MilestoneIt is inevitable that since your child is at daycare so often, they will hit some sort of milestone for them and not for you.
Sometimes these are the results of The Mean Kid attacking your child, sometimes these are reports of your child finally having enough from The Mean Kid and going all Cujo on them. I thought the best way to capture what it was like would be to share my tweets and Facebook updates from that night.
So, Kate enlisted the help of Guru Louise, because her little man has the most awesomest head of hair in the history of ever.
But can we leave it at, “What lovely hair color!” and just skip the diatribe about how unusual red hair is or the inquiry into its origin? We find something totally innocent, like an innocuous metal hook behind a door, and what do we see?
And yes I used my lipgloss to make her so lovely bc I didn't have a sharpie and my ball point wouldn't cut it. Our new friend Julie (who leaves the most hilarious comments in the history of ever) tells all about the domestic enemies of the mom whose kids are in day care. Hand, foot and mouth, roseola, croup, you name it, daycares are full of sexy-sounding illnesses that will invade your child. You know what I am talking about, daycare moms: the dance we do with our friend Tylenol to keep our kid in school just a little while longer so we can finally get some schmidt done at work.

They are the one that you just look at and can see that their tiny beady eyes are filled with mirth. No, it is not almost cheaper for me to stay home with my kid(s) than to work and send them to daycare.
Because this is an amazing live version of Come Undone featuring Kelis and directed by David Lynch. And, partly because the selection of costumes is so horrendous that I think I'd prefer they go out bare ass naked rather than drape themselves in the current selections. That's exactly what I want to send McGee out into the world wearing, Oh, and just right for the creepy, slightly deaf neighbor who hears "Trick FOR Treat" instead of the traditional greeting. But that there are some occasions that require an amount of wine proportional to the event. After walking into the stall & preparing to hang my hobo bag on the door, I was challenged!
The first time I dropped The Quite Contemplator off at daycare following maternity leave, I rocked with her in a rocker and bawled like a fat girl whose cake was stolen for about an hour. It is never them calling to let you know that your kid is a ray of sunshine and puppy dogs and that they just wanted you to know how much they love having them.
You end up feeling like either your kid needs to buck up and hit back, or your kid has been watching too much Ultimate Fighting and needs to back off. I am not sure if you are insinuating that I make less than a McDonald's worker, but daycare costs less than I make in a year.
And what with the hookers, pimps and toilets (oh my!) that will be haunting our sidewalks tonight, I'm gonna need to kill off as many brain cells as I can manage.
Kate tried to write this post, as Happy is a slightly reddish little kid, but he insists that his hair is the same color as daddy's.
So I pulled out my little red sharpie & all I could do was turn this drunk angry octopus into a ginger! This is the only caption I could come up with, cause both my kids were with me and the oldest knows how to read. What exactly does this kid do on the weekends that he comes back every Monday with a new plague to spread upon his peers? That is the number that means your kid is being sent home and has to stay there for at least 24 hours.

It is daycare calling to let you know that the projectile vomiting has commenced or that your kid is on the way to get stitches. You know, the one you have to fight off the urge on a daily basis to tell they are going to grow up to be an ugly janitor with no friends. Also, staying at home doesn't pay for insurance, or provide for retirement, or the many other frivolous needs mama has. You’re making a big deal about how he has a different physical trait that none of us can control.
I'mmarried to ADD Daddy and work a day job writing for a non-profit (that's where the big bucks roll in). The Call always seems to come when you are right in the middle of something really important, like giving a huge presentation, or reading posts from Rants from Mommyland.
And, since my husband is in the uber high-paying profession of being a 4th grade teacher, mama has to work. And I know somewhere in my brain these nice people simply admiring his gorgeous noggin but I’m the one left pushing my shopping cart away as my son grasps his head and looks at me questioningly, “Mommy?
I have no relatives who are crazy enough to deal with my child(ren) for free for nine hours a day, so I send my kid(s) to daycare.
So not only are you implying that I am not good with math, but also that I don't like my kid(s) enough to want to stay home with them, even though it is obviously the more finically sound decision. Lydia sees a lovely solution to putting her purse on the bathroom floor.] And then we sent you on a mission to find your own drunken, angry octopusses and elephants and other creepily phallic things that now have eyes and faces and, yes, even clothing. Cue dropping your child off for the first day at a new daycare only to have them cling to your leg screaming, "Mommy! This is when we dose our kids up with Tylenol and pray that it will get us below the magic number long enough to get to work, pour ourselves a cup of coffee and check our emails before we get The Call.
But, like all Domestic Enemies, some days it only sucks a little, and some days it sucks big time.

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