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Your brilliant Bouvier is clearly trying to remind people in his own special way that the dog park is no place for one’s Sunday best! Begin practicing recalls at home where there are no distractions and progress to areas with low-level distractions. Nicole Wilde, CPDT-KA, is a canine behaviour specialist and the author of 10 books, including her latest, Hit by a Flying Wolf: True Tales of Rescue, Rehabilitation and Real Life with Dogs and Wolves. CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. You can allow your dog to visit with people, but when you see those telltale signs that he’s getting ready to mark, call him to you. For example, employ a friend, without and then with a dog, to walk past at a distance as you call your dog.
She was rescued from a puppy farm and while she is lovely, she has been hard work to house train.
He’s done that to a couple of people and now I’m paranoid as soon as he starts getting too close to someone.
Marking is one of those behaviours neutering may eliminate, although it’s not always the case.
Use a high, happy voice rather than a threatening one, just as you do during training sessions.
On the whole she is good and we keep our back door open to give her easy access to the garden where she will pee and poo, though occasionally she will poop in our sitting room on our rug. Two trainers warned me in the past that, approximately at this age, he’d be trying to become more assertive and show who’s the boss; however, I had no idea I’d be dealing with this type of problem.
If your boy is still intact and there are no mitigating circumstances, you might wish to seriously consider having him neutered. You could also visit the dog park at off hours to practice, since that’s where you need the behaviour to be solid.
My dog has never peed in the house before, yet for 2 weeks now she keeps peeing on her bedding and just a few days ago peed on my daughter's bed. We are at a loss to understand how to fix this and any suggestions would be really appreciated.
The ultimate goal is that regardless of how many people there are and how badly your boy would like to “shower” someone with affection, you are able to interrupt and call him to you.
If your dog is definitely house trained and the inappropriate urination started well after house training was complete, then there are other potential reasons we will explore here. Sometimes, incontinent dogs leave urine puddles in their beds or the floor during rest or naps.
Displaying fabulous obedience skills is a way for your dog to really leave his mark on the dog park!
First and foremost, it is essential to rule out a health problem before you look into a behavioral problem.Urinary Tract ProblemsIf your dog suddenly starts peeing in the house (or other unacceptable places) then it could be a urinary tract infection.
Most likely, your vet will want a urine sample from your dog in order to perform a test called a urinalysis. Your vet may recommend additional testing to rule out one or more of these diseases depending on your dog's other symptoms, if any. Treatment will depend on the diagnosis.AgeYou know that puppies may still have accidents when they are being house trained. We also touched upon senior dogs and incontinence. But old age can bring on other causes for urinary accidents.
She is trained to do her business outside as I take her out regularly and tell her to do a wee and stay with her until she does one.
This is yet another reason to get your veterinarian involved. In some cases, dementia can be treated with medications and supplements. However, many people living with senior dogs who have urinary issues choose to keep their dogs in diapers or keep them in areas where they lay down absorbent pads. Behavioral ProblemsOnce all of the heath issues have been ruled out, you can pretty much know you are dealing with a behavioral problem. I thought this was just a puppy phase and she needed to get used to controlling her bladder and sleeping in the bathroom, but she's an adult now and still continues this habit. Has someone in the home left or passed away? Dogs are more affected by these things that many people realize. When you take her out you empower her, but as the low dog on the totem pole she feels unwelcome otherwise going where the others do.You already have three dogs.

The puppy would be run off or possibly killed since the dominant female did not give birth to it. It's like she waits for an opportunity for the door to be left open and runs in to the same spot.
If I kennel him I get complaints from the neighbors because he howls and barks until I come back home, but if I don't I come home to piles of grossness.
My 4yr old male Pit has just recently started peeing in front of the back door where he goes outside. He dribbles with pee until he reaches the door and usually has 2 puddles of pee on the floor. He also starts barking which wakes us up at 4 am during these 2 episodes.I am at home during the day so they both get let out and have plenty time to empty their bladders. He is drinking water excessively that we have noticed because the water bowl is completely empty in the am. The only thing different in his routine was that I had taken him to the vet to get bathed about 5 days ago because he weighs 117lbs. Recently she has been pooping all over the house mostly right in front of us and sometimes with guests around.
For about 8 months she did really well, then recently started peeing in the house on occasion again. We have a neighbor coming in to let both dogs out midday, and we limit the water intake, yet 3 times this month she peed. The past several mornings I have woken up to find that the big dogs have pooped all over the kitchen and dining room area. My 4 year old Lab is peeing a significant amount of urine in the dining area lately, even when we are in the house!
She has plenty of opportunity to go outside, has no issues with the other dog, no issues with potty training, and goes on daily walks.
She has been trained to do her business outside from 4 months of age, my dad is close to getting rid of our family pet. He poops every morning, but still everyday when I get home there is a poop pile and a pee spot. I tried crating him in a crate small enough for him to just turn around in and he still went in his crate. Anyways, Fred will go all night with out going potty in the house, but if we leave the house for a half hour we come home to him having peed and pooped in the livingroom or kitchen. Every day when I get home from work I immediately let them both out to use the bathroom and then run around and play together a while. When I was training them I would take them out on a leash and make them pee and poop before I would let them off to play so they know the order of how things need to work. The walk is a bonding experience that also increases your dog's confidence and helps drain his puppy energy. Tonight my husband and I were on one side of the house and both of our dogs were in the dining room laying on their beds. If you are only doing twice a week or so it is way too little.Freaking out and chewing the cage shows a neurotic and nervous behavior. We get that cleaned and our Catahoula follows us to the bedroom jumps on the bed and pees all over it.
Beagles especially can be high-strung bundles of energy and need a calm and structured environment.Is your home calm or chaotic? They haven't been drinking more water than usual and I let them out to go out the same number of times as usual. She knows it's wrong and hides and ducks her head and tail when she knows I am going to see it. I don't have enough space for her to be crated since it has to be such a huge area, and she just jumped over or knocked down the baby gates.
You're going to have to focus on your son learning to use the potty or eat with regular utensils and all the other stuff he needs to know.
I don't want to give up on her because she is a great dog otherwise, but my landlord is going to make me "get rid" of her. If you honestly feel you don't have the time and energy to also train and socialize a dog, luckily he is young enough to find a home with someone who has the time and training experience.

As for the peeing, it should go away with peace and quiet, more intense walking, more discipline and structure for the dog. The cage should be used as a den or bed for naps and rest time, but don't close the door at these times. Eventually you should be able to close the door and leave if your dog is tired enough from daily exercise to need to catch up with a quick nap while you're gone.
When we first got Lexi we house trained her, and then when we got Chloe we house trained her. We discipline them by putting their nose by the spot and tapping them on the nose and saying "NO". The BEST way to help your pet with behavioral issues is positive reinforcement and opening (not closing) the lines of communication. Your dog wants to please you but your job as her owner is to help her understand how to do that. People who yell at their dogs or push their faces in their own poo aren't teaching the dogs anything but fear, nothing about WHAT TO DO. For most of her life, we've had problems with her not being able to hold her bladder very long and leaking in the house a lot when she acts like she wants to go out.
We have tried kennel training and he broke two of the wires trying to get out and hurt himself. There are a lot of other times where we will just come across a puddle or drips by a door or steps or even just a random spot on the carpet.
We had her on incontinence pills for a while which seemed to help, but eventually those stopped working, we've had her checked for urinary tract infections.
She's never shown any signs of pain or discomfort with peeing so we don't suspect any stones. We have a baby coming in 3 months so would really like to not have to worry about her laying or crawling in dog pee! He is home alone the same amount of time the other days, but does not pee when I am home at the usual time, even though the times he is alone are the same.
My sweet girl Athena is a Lab mix, she just got back from the vet, she had an ear infection. You lock him in a very large cage, the house, and he can't escape the imagined enemies. Well since then she has been less active, constantly eating, and always wanting to go outside and pee. Now she can't hold it; is it because of the steroids and antibiotics that are messing with her?
Last summer she started to behave strangely until in September she completely lost her eyesight and was diagnosed with SARDS. She has somewhat learned to move around the house again independently and has gained a lot of activeness back, but she has also started doing her business in the house when we are at work or during nighttime.
We take her out in the morning before work and right after getting back and she eats one meal a day around 6pm. I have not had any problems for months, except the very occasional accident at the back door when it has been raining a lot. I'm out of ideas what to do with her and my husband is starting to get fed up with this and wants to get rid of the dog.
He has only just started doing this and as I am the one cleaning it, I know it is going down right after we put him in the room as it is cold when I clean it.
I aquired him at 2.5 years old so I have had him for 4 years now and this is the first he has done this for 3 days in a row.
He was an outdoor dog up to about 4 months ago when he was shipped here to bring our family together.
I thought he had adjusted to apartment living, and there were only a few accidents the first few days, then it stopped.
I am a nurse and my shifts change from days to nights every now and then, if this is the problem, then why would he be doing this on my days off?

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