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Neon green poop looks scary for nearly everyone, probably except for little kids who haven’t yet developed negative attitude to their potty contents and, with their natural passion for exploring the world, may find the newly colored, bright poop very cute. In fact, if you research the Internet you may find that many people deliberately take large amounts of the above drinks or foods, only to make neon green poop (after their initial worries are dissolved, of course).
So if you want to play a trick on a friend and make him of her proud of herself (or rush about hysterically) you might just offer to have Blue Rasyberry Slurpee. Foods and drinks containing neon green dyes are quite self-explanatory and rarely give rise to the questions like “Why Is My Poop Green?, if one remembers having them on the menu the day before, of course. Neon green poop in babies may be a result of milk imbalance (for breastfed babies) of diet supplements (for formula fed babies).

While having greenish poop that comes after eating green leafy veggies is probably something everyone experiences now and then and is not a big deal, neon green poop may look like a dangerous symptom due to its odd acidic color, which inevitably brings to mind thoughts about colon cancer or severe intoxication.
In fact, if your toddler pooped neon green and then displayed that kind of attitude to his achievement, and at the same looks and feels fine, that neon green poop incident is most likely not a reason to worry.
Colored candies, animal cookies, ice-cream, popular drinks are from the list of potential poop offenders that relieve the worries about the causes of neon green poop.
We hope this page helps you resolve your neon green incident and understand if you really need a doctor’s help. Quite often, it’s the color of the foods eaten the day before combined with the bile that do the whole trick.

Just out of curiosity and pure scientific interest, I guess…Looks like Kool-Aid and Green Tilt combined with Blue Tilt never fail.
However, remember that it is preferably to avoid foods with artificial dyes: neon green poop is probably the only benefit they can give you. Remember that paits may contain substances dangerous for health of even life, like leads, so you’d better inform your doctor if you notice anything of this kind.

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