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The first thing you need to do when you get your puppy home is take them to relieve themselves.
Confining your puppy to a small area in the beginning, is by far the quickest way to house train.
Prevention is always best, and we often think our puppies have understood a concept before they actually have. Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Spot Shot, and I received product or some form of monetary payment for this promotion. While I may be joking some, battling puppy accidents is a major issue for pet owners, and many new pet parents get overwhelmed. As a seasoned dog owner, I have my arsenal against puppy accidents, which includes a lot of towels, water, and of course, a variety of cleaners. Not only does it permanently get rid of the sights of puppy accidents, it gets rid of the smell too.
I always wish o have a pet but unfortunately all the people in our house are too busy ?? so no one would take care of the dog if we went out.
I don’t think we have this product in Ireland but I tend to shy away from chemicals anyway.
I have used their stain removal on clothes and found it very helpful but have not tried the carpet product.
Thanks for the heads up.This sounds like a fabulous product to try.I hope it works for the cat accidents too! We used to use this product regularly for kid accidents and the occasional one our rabbits would have too, but now that we have a dog I might need to start buying it again! Fortunately for Niko, my mother was the patient type who enjoys candid photography as much or more than she does prize petunias. Paws Pet Care provides a safe alternative to boarding and kenneling your pets with in-your-home pet-sitting, dog walking and other pet-care and home-services in the Louisville Metro Area, including east Louisville KY and surrounding areas while you are on vacation, at work, or just need a helping hand.
Regardless of your living situation and where you would like your dog to relieve, you should immediately take them there.
She has worked with both Guide Dogs for the Blind, and Assistance Dogs for the Disabled, in addition to having run her own private training business, The Top Dog Trainer, for many years. As a dog owner, nothing is like holding your new puppy on the way home and seeing the excitement as they smell everything in your home for the first time. One of the worst things is when your adorable puppy pees on your brand new rug or has diarrhea from an upset tummy all over your carpet. When it comes to the nastiness of stains on our carpet though, there is only one cleaner I now trust in our household – Spot Shot® Pet.

It even works on older stains, meaning you can clean up accidents that perhaps didn’t come up previously with other cleaners. As well, she is an alumni of the University of Louisville with a Masters Degree in Special Education. Although my dog is past the days of accidents it would be nice to keep around just in case!
I have 3 dogs who take up the majority of our home lol always tracking in mud & dirt & few accidents while we are at work!!
You can attach a leash to your puppy so you are able to keep them in the reliving area until they go. Your goal is that eventually your dog will understand this is their opportunity to go, and they need to use this time to do so. One of the most common traps people fall into is they only give the puppy 5-10 minutes to go, and then give up. Puppies are easily distracted, and simply sometimes just forget to go until it is too late. From puppy training to aggression, Beth has dealt with all breeds, all ages, and all problems. When Ivi first came in our home, she was amazed at all the new things, and especially all the fun dog toys owned by her big sister (to her dismay). While other cleaners on the market work with a bit of scrubbing or hard elbow grease, Spot Shot Pet Instant Carpet Stain & Odor Eliminator  really does work nearly instantly. Both of these products have the Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute and are SCS certified biodegradable, making them the perfect option for pet friendly households. When not freelance or ghost writing, she can be found writing on Budget Earth or on her own novel. Unlike most training commands, you can continue to repeat this to your puppy until they relieve. If your puppy hasn’t gone in awhile, they probably need to go, but are just too distracted to do so. Dogs like small, enclosed areas, as it makes them feel secure, as well as have a place of their own they can go into to relax.
If you find an accident and you did not see your puppy actually doing it, do not say anything to them. Every dog can be house broken, it is just a matter of you being consistent, persistent and patient! She believes in giving owners all the tools to help them build a strong bond with their dog, which involves both love and respect.

Even as someone who has had a dog most of her life, I can tell you there are times I just wanted to cry, especially when it seemed like I was never going to get all the pee out of the carpet.
Just gently pat down or remove what caused the stain, spray Spot Shot Pet on the stain, and watch it dissolve right before your eyes! Best of all, you can find it at your local Wal-Mart store, allowing you to make puppy accidents a thing of the past! Many people just leave their doors open, figuring the puppy will then have easy access to outside.
Puppies need to go every 1-2 hours (depending on breed), as well as within 15 minutes of eating. The area needs to be small enough so that your puppy can literally not get away from the mess if they relive in there. To learn more, head over to the Spot Shot website and don’t forget to score yourself a $1 off coupon too!
This in itself can create another problem, as the puppy may not recognize the difference between the two areas.
If you have not had any success, but feel they probably need to go, do not just let them back into the living area to roam free. When your puppy is learning not to go in the house, it is better to make it very clear that there is a living area and a relieving area, which are entirely different. You are best to keep your puppy on a leash near you, and then try again 10-20 minutes later.
If the area is too big though, they are able to simply move from one corner to the other, and avoid the mess. You cannot bring a puppy back to the spot they has the accident and expect them to understand what it is you are correcting them for. In my professional opinion, a crate is the most effective tool for this, but if you are adverse to using one, a small puppy pen or small room can be used. Watch your puppy carefully, and try to establish a pattern in their behavior just before they go. If your puppy has an accident, it is imperative that you use an appropriate product to remove the smell, so they do not want to go in the same spot again.
If they are constantly relieving themselves whenever and wherever they feel like it, you should not allow them to continue to roam around freely.

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