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Consistency is a key ingredient in the recipe for good parenting, and well-behaved children. Stick with discipline. Both your rules and consequences should pretty much be set in stone. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join now to receive free weekly newsletters tracking your baby’s development and yours throughout your pregnancy.
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Nanny 911 is a popular television show that gives us a peek into the lives of other families, most notably ones with out of control kids. The Nanny 911 book is much more in depth than I could be in this parenting post series, so be sure to check it out from your local library (or buy it on Amazon), and follow along on this journey!
Think about all the times you’ve had a conflict, whether at school, work, or even at the grocery store. While it’s easier in the short-term to focus on the negative and just send them to their room or whatever else, the truth is, positive reinforcement works much better.
Nanny 911 frequently speaks about communicating – with your spouse, and with your children. Communicating effectively most likely could have not only solved many of those issues, but prevented them.
Babies and Toddlers: When babies do something like bite or hit, use communication to redirect.
When they know what’s going to happen next, or what to expect, it makes transition times much easier. Whether you use a behavior chart, a consequences jar, or some other type of tracking system, make sure it’s clear and consistent.

Think of your words carefully before speaking them – especially with kids that like to jump to the worst conclusions right away. This one takes a lot of work, laying a great foundation, but if you lead by example, it’ll stick! Not only will open communication help solve problems now, it will also set a great foundation for your little ones to grow on – all the way to adulthood! Sometimes, as kids grow into teens, they start to shut down and refuse to communicate with us as parents.
Set up a sensory bin, or even a water table, and get down on their level to have a little extra play time. Obviously you wouldn’t put a baby in time out, but talking to them and explaining things as if they know what’s going on is what you want to do from Day 1! Practice makes perfect, though, so just keep working towards a positive and open line of communication in the family. It’s all about staying consistent, and as a whole we do not have a great track record. If you have a child that is prone to be anxious, having consistent boundaries and a somewhat consistent schedule can help ease their day to day anxiety.
Be sure to account for emergencies, mishaps, and other things that are bound to come up during your day.
If you have one of those lovely strong-willed children, you’re going to be even more tempted to give in. Just like with going to the gym, this is a habit and you’re going to have to train yourself before it becomes second nature. With that being said, I think there are many things we can learn from Nanny 911 so let’s talk about the 11 Commandments of Nanny 911.
It is vital to show that united front to the kids, though, so don’t discuss (or argue about!) their behavior and consequences in their presence. Look around at any restaurant, park, or public place, and you’ll see kids that can barely talk just plugging away on an iPad. This is because when you say “no running”, an image of running goes through their mind!
I love that the Nanny 911 book has several examples of real conversations with kids of all ages to demonstrate exactly how to do this. Show your child you love them, but also tell them.

Follow through with consequences, but also remember like we talked about in the other posts, choose your battles. Search Pinterest for ideas, or just put some rock n’ roll music on and dance around the house with them while doing your chores, too!
This can lead to many issues, such as the kids trying to pit Mom against Dad or going behind the other parent’s back to get a lesser punishment.
I realize that emergencies happen and things do come up, but make it a priority to keep your promises.
You’ll see parents completely ignoring their children, and teens tuned out more than ever before. I know it’s easy to say that we do listen to our kids, but in this day and age of cell phones and social media, many parents miss the mark when it comes to looking their kids in the eyes and giving them their undivided attention. Tell them you’re listening, then show them by putting your phone or other distractions away. Our children need us to follow through, be consistent, and teach them that bad behaviors do have consequences. Kids are being ignored in a huge way by this generation of parents, and the behavior of the children is reflecting it. Better for them to learn from us than from the judicial system 15 or 20 years down the road. When your child needs something, when they ask a question, when they want to talk to you… look them in the eye, and listen. Don’t just nod and smile and glance at them out of the corner of your eye from Facebook.
Be sure to carefully consider which values are important to you, and to your family, before you dig your heels in on something trivial. One of the things some of us struggle with daily is learning to choose which battles to fight, and which to let die on their own.

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