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Luke Chrisco initially pleaded guilty, but now the judge is allowing him to plead not guilty by reason of insanity.
Chrisco was arrested two years ago after a woman at a yoga festival spotted someone in the tank. We begin where we left off in the previous episode: Kristen, outraged that Drunk Heather has no interest in wandering around in the woods looking for a hidden “treasure” which may or may not be a golf pencil or a pin from someone’s 1994 trip to EPCOT, storms away from the rest of the group, tearing her stupid little headband right out of her hair, she is JUST SO UPSET. Meanwhile, Ramona, long having given up on the stupid geocaching nonsense, returned to her cabin, took a shower and iced down a few bottles of wine and Coronas. Her Serene Highness Princess Carole Radziwill, however, passes on the sparkling Ramona Rose, and heads over to Kristen’s cabin where she finds the former model doing her best pretty cry, waiting for someone, anyone to notice her.
Later, the ladies get cleaned up and packed to go “glamping” for the night, which I do not understand?
Anyway, everyone packs their giant suitcases, as you do when you are going to spend 12 hours someplace, and after some whining from Sonja about not wanting to go (“Tell them I have asthma” is actually hilarious, and I shall be using it more often), the ladies are driven “out in the middle of nowhere” except for the giant roofed structure with the leather furniture and dining tables and bar and fireplace and it turns out that I do not understand glamping, after all. Ranch hands greet the ladies and explain that this fireplaced dining room is the “pavilion” and that there are some three king sized beds in the tents outside. As the ranch hands attempt to give the ladies a tour of the tents, Heather tries to get past Kristen, and playfully orders her to “move over, bitch.” But Kristen is in NO MOOD to be called a bitch, playfully or otherwise, and begins pouting that Heather is antagonizing her. When Kristen and The Countess return to the pavilion, they find Ramona barking at the ranch hands to move the heaters and bring out the wine.
The Countess laughs in Ramona’s face that Ramona’s hardly done any work other than pick up a phone and call room service, but Ramona protests that calling room service is exactly what makes her a superior hostess, who got the heaters down here anyway? The ladies sit down to dinner just as Drunk Heather comes tumbling out of the woods, and The Countess and Sonja begin bickering about a candle on the table.
Clearly this is not the reaction Kristen was looking for, so she ups the ante by declaring that “Boss Woman Number One” is bossy at work, and with her friends and at home, that she bosses her poor bossed husband around all the time. Ramona follows Kristen to her tent to apologize for calling her a bad hostess talk smack about Heather’s husband and how he’s not charismatic and how he has a “vanilla” personality — unlike Mario — and how he hunches over when he walks and how he lives in Heather’s shadow and what’s his name again? The next morning, Her Serene Highness brings Hungover Heather coffee in bed and the two discuss how inappropriate it was for Kristen to drag Heather’s marriage into the fight.
Meanwhile, Kristen calls Her Awful Husband and whines to him about Heather’s bossiness, only to have him shrug it off. On the drive to the rodeo, The Countess seems fixated on the idea of eating “Rocky Mountain oysters,” which appears to be the only thing she knows about rodeos. So the women watch the rodeoing, and appear to be equally appalled and impressed by the wrangling and the roping and the bucking and the riding.
While The Countess’ cluelessness is rather hilarious, Her Serene Highness using a port-a-potty in her Sister Wives dress is just STRAIGHT UP GROSS.
After their nasty bathroom break, Kristen tries to milk some sympathy from Her Serene Highness regarding Heather and her bossiness, but Princess Carole is not having it, and insists that Kristen needs to apologize to Heather for judging her marriage. In the “funny interlude” that always takes place around the 48 minute mark, Her Serene Highness terrorizes the women in a bear suit. For their final evening in Montana (thank goodness), Kristen arranges a cook-out on the riverbank, and has invited some of the poor beleaguered ranch hands that the ladies have tortured all week. Finally, dinner is served, and we learn the ladies do not know the difference between cornbread and grits, bless their hearts. At the dinner table, Kristen invites Heather to take a walk with her so that they can settle things once and for all.
Herea€™s how slow business has been: Ia€™m so bored, Ia€™ve resorted to writing potty humor.

I began executing my mission when suddenly I felt a slight shifting of my belt and then a lightening of weight from my right hip. I instinctively clamped down on my pee valve, which closed with a mighty clang, or so it felt. The conditions in my case favored Phase 1, with indications that Phase 2 was not far behind. Ia€™m not sure whether I felt more sorry for myself or the youngster who unsuspectingly opened the door at that moment and witnessed a grown man, sweating like a Phoenix bricklayer, his pants down, bent over and reaching into a place where even youngsters know never to tread. Kristen heads into the cabin by herself, and doing her damnedest to muster up some tears, slumps on the bathroom floor, lamenting that the other ladies were “mocking” her, and that she is just so very exhausted.
She greets the rest of the women with the promise of beers with lime, maybe some tequila because what Drunk Heather most definitely needs right now is tequila. Princess Carole listens patiently while Kristen feels sorry for herself that she planned this entire trip, but no one wants to do what she wants to do, and then tries, hilariously, to claim that she’s not someone to just break down and cry about something so insignificant. And though the pavilion is nicer than most Embassy Suites lobbies, Ramona sneers that this glamping is not nearly as nice as the South African glamping that she did recently, I mean do they even have any stemmed glasses, for crying out loud? Ramona, already bored with this fight, starts yelling at everyone to go pick their tents so that she can once again unfavorably compare them to the tents in South Africa because that is very relevant. Kristen notes that the ladies are not an easy bunch to host, to which Ramona laughs that she doesn’t see why: she’s been doing all of Kristen’s hosting for her. Kristen sneers that’s why she wore her fur (and quite the fur it is — it appears she climbed inside the skin of a giant blonde bear), but Ramona points out that Kristen’s fur doesn’t exactly do anything for her guests, which, fair enough. Drunk Heather understandably takes exception to Kristen dragging her marriage into it, but Kristen insists disingenuously that she’s not saying anything negative about Heather’s marriage, just that Heather clearly wears the pants in the relationship and Jonathan is a meek little girly-man who does everything she demands. To go to the rodeo, Her Serene Highness and Heather put on their best Little House on the Prairie dresses, and we are informed, unnecessarily, that this is these women’s first rodeo. And, in fact, once they arrive at the rodeo, she begins pointing at some bulls and yelling that she sees some “Rocky Mountain oysters!” Enough. At some point, Kristen, The Countess and Her Serene Highness head to the port-a-potties, a concept which Kristen has to explain to The Countess, as she has never been in one before.
Princess Carole manages to not point out to Kristen that those living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, but she does manage to wedge it into an interview.
She has also hired a 7 foot tall former Seattle Sonic basketball player to teach them how to throw hatchets, as you do. On the riverbank, Kristen explains that she had had a long, hard, exhausting day, what with the rappelling and the geocaching and the day drinking, so of course she belittled Heather’s marriage, did Heather expect Kristen to not belittle Heather’s marriage after the day she had? My wife, Cindy, who proofs all my writings, forbade me from publishing the following piece. Two examples include my pocket protector a€“ a mid-80a€™s model, white plastic, the blue ad logo long since worn away, with staples and tape holding it together.
But that pocket protector had been with me since grad school a€“ through two marriages, two kids, three or four businesses a€“ that kind of sentimental value doesna€™t come along every day and it certainly cana€™t be purchased at the Sprint Store. Her Serene Highness gently pats her, assures her that these ladies be crazy, and basically tells her to go sleep it off.
Although that fur could certainly contain at least another one of these underfed, overserved women. Kristen does not find this particularly supportive — even though he’s basically saying exactly what she is saying — because she hates Her Awful Husband. I do not appreciate being forced to imagine what the hem of that skirt now looks like, lady.
And furthermore, it is just straight-up unfriendly of Heather for getting mad at Kristen for belittling Heather’s marriage, why won’t Heather apologize to Kristen?

And my first generation Blackberry a€“ the kind that is actually black and looks like a block of wood. Snapping my attention toward the sounds, I watched in horror as my Blackberry disappeared beneath the surface of the bluish-brown fluid in the hole. Unfortunately, the evil liquor was so obscured with flotsam that my vision could not penetrate its depths. Soon the discussion returns to the issue of “bossiness,” with Kristen insisting that Heather is bossy and that she should just “own it,” a phrase that is repeated no less than eleventy-five times in the course of this conversation.
Heather points out that what Kristen said about Jonathan was ugly and insulting, and Kristen offers Heather a non-apology for her “bad delivery” but does not actually seem to regret or retract anything that she actually said.
If she finds out and calls me on it, I will defend myself by pointing out the articlea€™s obvious correlation to sanitary engineering.
As I approached the lime green Ace In the Hole, located just out of play behind first base, I was only half watching where I was going because my son was at bat and the other half of my attention was on him. I turned to the left toward the urinal as my ever-thinking technical mind processed thermodynamic theory in regard to this phenomenon. This is when the unit has been primed with blue solution but has not received sufficient deposits to constitute a buildup. Presumably, my Blackberry would have been perched on top of the pile and I could have gingerly plucked it free. I am happy to report that my pocket protector is still proudly adorning my shirt pocket every day. DOZENS!), and I even understand the concept of going “glamorous camping” or “glamping” — even though that word makes me want to punch a socialite’s little purse dog every time I hear it — but  what I do not understand is going to another state, renting expensive cabins and then being like, “You know, instead of sleeping in our giant king sized beds here, why don’t we instead spend a bunch MORE money to go sleep in king sized beds in a tent.” This makes zero sense to me. When everyone agrees that Kristen has gone too far, Kristen grabs her glass, yells at Ramona that she’s sorry she didn’t hire someone to wipe Ramona’s butt for her, and raises her glass in a toast — Cheers, bitches — before stomping off to her tent. My Blackberry is a kind of security blanket since my wife wona€™t allow me to wear my calculator that way anymore. I unbuckled, trying my best not to let certain septic odors interrupt my absorbing train of thought. To this, Kristen gets all defensive and snips that SHE JUST DID and HEATHER NEEDS TO LISTEN.
The rig fell from my hip, bounced on the rim and caromed through the opening, perfectly obeying Newtona€™s Laws. This occurs when an ample number of solid deposits have displaced and absorbed the initial blue solution.
Ita€™s been through so much, well, let me put it this way, neither Timex (It takes a lickinga€¦) nor Samsonite (gorilla-proof) have a thing on this future family heirloom. But then, I also don’t understand whining about having a private chef come to your cabin to prepare a meal for you, so there we are. Heather, either realizing that she is not going to actually get anywhere with Kristen, or (more likely) just wanting a damn refill, accepts this “apology” before once more “jokingly” calling Kristen a bitch and dragging her back to the dinner. Phase 2 is characterized by a pyramidal-shaped heap, invariably the pinnacle being created by someone with dysentery. Had I been right-handed my Blackberry would have been strapped to my left side and would have fallen benignly to the floor rather than into the turd tub.

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