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Sometimes a newborn goat’s mother die after giving birth of kids or she might unable to take care of her newborn babies. If you have other nursing does with kids, then you can try nursing the newborn baby by those does.
You have to bottle feed the kid, if there is no nursing doe with kids available in your herd.
You can offer small amount of grass, fresh hay or leaves to the kids, after their first week of life. Subscribe ROY'S FARM newsletter for news, updates and receiving notifications of new posts by email.
Although feedings are crucial for saving life of Pygmy kids, additional care is also required. You gave great solutions for caring pygmy goats, it’s really helpful who is having this kind of breed . New to goats a week ago doe gave birth 2 boys she didn’t take care of them bottle feeding one died day 4 other is tiny was almost frozen when found.
Our goat just gave birth to 4 kids, will she be able to supply enough milk to nurse them all, or should I bottle feed some of them? You can easily determine whether your doe is producing enough milk or not through closely monitoring the kids health and growth. Always try to take good care of the baby, if you want to have a healthy and productive goat.
All kids are ADGA registerable, and will be disbudded, tattooed and have their first shots. In most cases, when a doe give birth of kids for the first time, she often fails to take care of her babies.
I know the hardworking very well because a few months ago I lost one of my doe who just produced 2 kids. I would love to raise some goats but my husband said no but we still enjoy learning about them.

Now you can switch to whole milk and feed the kid 4 to 5 ounces of milk daily (6 times a day).
You can keep some materials (such as hay, wood shavings etc.) in the place where she stay and sleep. A newborn kid may become sick, weak or suffer by various types of diseases, if it was not able to suckle off it’s mom at all (especially within first 24 hours after their birth). Always follow the natural feeding position that allows milk to flow directly to the kid’s abdomen. But whatever the cause, such conditions require human intervention to save the newborn kid’s life.
As a goat farmer, you need to move the kid in front of the mother to encourage cleaning and caring. If you are unable to feed the babies colostrum from their mom, then you can substitute bovine colostrum.
But sometimes, nature sidesteps our expectations and then we have to face sudden and unwanted hazards or challenges. Then  towel and blow-dry, and then wrap loosely in a towel and place in a box with a towel-covered heating pad on low. Cleaning is the critical first step in the bonding process of mother and kids that leads to better nursing.
After awhile she led it back into the barn and came out by herself and went straight to the gate where the two males were waiting.
You can keep the kids inside the house for a few days, so that they can get required warm environment. Bottle feed the milk replacer (a half cup to three quarters of a cup) for four times a day, for first three days.
Some people who raise goats regularly even place a bit of birthing fluid on the mother goat’s nose. In such cases, you can fool the doe into thinking the abandoned newborn baby is her own baby.

Increase the amount of milk replacer to 1 cup to 1.25 cups, from the fourth day to the second week.
Sometimes, you might have to face such condition when a mother Pygmy goat abandons her baby kid to die.
Give the kid 1 to 3 ounces of colostrum in the first hour of it’s life and every three hours after that for the first day. I was just wondering if it is better to keep them separated for a few days or if it is better to allow the males to bond with the kid this early? Don gloves and rub the placenta of her kid to all over the abandoned kid, if she has just kidded. So far they seem to be doing okay together but the two males already tried to breed the female again and she has had to resort to staying under things to keep the males from mounting her. She will accept the new baby and allow nursing, if the abandoned kid smells just like her own. After that, feed the kid 2 cups to 2.25 cups replacer twice daily, from their 2 weeks to 6 weeks of age. Increase the amount of replacer to 2.5 to 3 cups, and feed them twice daily, from their 6 to 8 weeks of age. After their 8 weeks of age, most of the kids reach minimum 20 pounds of weight and have weaned. After that, feed them 6 to 8 ounces of milk daily on a decreasing frequency till their 2 months of age when they are weaned.

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