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Anyways, today LO had a poopy diaper and it looked like there were worms in it or something. Mucus in an infant's stool is often caused by an excess of swallowed mucus, according to Baby Zone. This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. If your baby has a cold or is teething, she is swallowing extra mucus from the draining or extra drooling, which can cause mucus in her bowel movements. Mucus accompanied by blood, or large amounts of mucus in your baby's diaper when she is not teething or sick may be a sign of an irritated intestinal tract. If your baby is not properly absorbing nutrients from breast milk or formula, you may notice mucus in her bowel movements. His poop may literally look different from one diaper change to the next -- and that's okay! Foremilk, the first milk you baby gets during a feeding, is thin and watery; hindmilk is thicker (think of milk with cream) and contains more fat and calories. Food allergies, antibiotics, parasites and other infections can also cause diarrhea, so if your baby has had diarrhea for more than a day or so, call his doc.

We actually saw the dr then because of his 9 month appt and she said that was reason and it was no cause for concern. What you need to know: The number of days between poops is not a reliable indicator of constipation, Dr. In the meantime, he’s starting to take in fluid -- colostrum and breastmilk, or formula. Letting your baby decide when to come off the breast (instead of switching him after a pre-determined time) may resolve the issue. Almost every veteran mom has a story of being hit by projectile poop, so take our advice: have a new diaper ready to go as soon as you remove the soiled one. Simply put, it means that the act of eating triggers intestinal activity, which triggers the need to poop.
If your baby is older -- and already eating solids -- think long and hard about what he's had to eat recently before panicking at the sight of red-colored poop. How quickly your baby passes through this stage is strictly a function of how much he takes in.

Sometimes mucus in the stool indicates infection, but in that case, the poop will have a funny odor and may be a different color. If he nurses a lot and your milk comes in on day two, the transitional poop stage may only last a day.
If it takes him longer to ramp up his intake, the transitional stage may last until almost the end of the first week. The color and consistency may change slightly from day to day, but in general, it's squishy, yellow-hued and non-offensive.

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