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I am currently running through this game now and agree with you on pretty much everything.FAR too much hand holding.
Pokemon Colloseum and Pokemon XD are the closest thing we ever got to a Pokemon game on a console, that was sorta almost like a traditional Pokemon game.
Gonna bump this just because I had a similar thread idea but sine this is fairly recent I'll just use this instead.
Recently, I got back into Pokemon Colosseum and I was floored that they didn't make another one of these for the Wii.
The Pokemon lead designer is on record for saying the game is meant for people to travel around with. I consider handheld hardware you can carry around with you as almost being equal to being with Pokemon, always.

Seriously though, those 2 games on GCN really showed how cool a console Pokemon game could be.
Honestly, this could be the killer app Wii U is looking for, and it shouldn't be withheld just because of the notion that mainline Pokemon games should stay exclusively on handhelds when we've seen the contrary occur with Colosseum and XD (even though they're regarded as spin-offs). But now that Gamefreak is already working within a 3D space with X and Y, it really should be THAT much easier to transition to a console format.
I'm pretty sure the creator said that he believes a big part of Pokemon is actually going out and meeting with people, which isn't exactly feasible on a console.
A full fledged rpg at home won't happen until the WiiU 4k version comes out where the controller is a handheld device. Or they could make it another spin off with different mechanics again and make Pokemon U, but I really don't want that again.

Also, you can communicate and transfer data all the time, whenever you want with a handheld.
Give us a new Stadium (not PBR), Snap and a cool 3D adventure game (kind of like the Gamecube ones). Quests are of the typical fetch variety, but with the twist that people are "brokenhearted" - they're missing a particular quality, and you need to find someone with an abundance of the quality they need to fix them.

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