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In honor of National Picture Book Month, I'm happy to share a series of book reviews introducing you to some incredible picture books for children.
This lovely picture book is just one of the titles IPG distributes from the Spanish publisher Cuento de Luz. The Summon Night Swordcraft Story Series Wiki is dedicated to the 3 Summon Night Swordcraft Story games.
Some are new and some are not, but all of them are a visual feast - and the storylines aren't so bad either!

In her hands, she carries dozens of stories and picks new and exciting ones to tell each time, allowing the child to drift off to sleep and dream. Jon Brokenbrow translated it to English, and it appears to be a literal translation that seems to flow well, though a wee bit choppy in a spot or two. If you click through and make a purchase, I receive a small commission that helps me purchase books and other materials for my own homeschooling family.
From sweet stories at the fairground to mysterious stories in the desert, this little child can enjoy an endless number of dreams and make them his or her own.Sonja Wimmer's illustrations are soft and whimsical, great for inspiring dreams in your own children.

I love that the main character is drawn in such a way that it could be either a boy or a girl depending on who is reading the story.

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