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Last week I reviewed the KidCo PeaPod Portable Travel Bed, and this week I have the pleasure of giving it away to one of my readers! Recommend a kid-friendly attraction, restaurant or hotel in our city guides to receive five additional entries. Subscribe to my RSS feed (either by reader or email) using the buttons on the top left-hand side of the page. If you have a blog, write about any article you enjoyed on DeliciousBaby, or write about the place you hope to visit, and link back to one of our kid friendly city guides. WinnersWe will choose a winner randomly and announce the results here on Tuesday Sept 22 2009.
Rules Please, only one comment per person per giveaway post (except as outlined above where the comment is related to an extra entry).
It'd be nice to add more cities to your recommendations, but at least you have the user comments which are helpful too! Apparently my first two posts didn't go through, I would recommend more cities that you've reviewed but at least you have the reader comments which are helpful too!
I like how everything is organized - the sidebar is great for quick access to a city, and then the different headings.
This site is very easy to navigate, and was especially useful when we were looking at cities which we would like to visit and aren't familiar with. I love all the fun acitivities you have listed and that you have many cities in one state listed as well that helps a bunch. I'd like to see more city guides, in general, but maybe some US destinations off the beaten path. We went to Ottawa, Canada in July with our 1 yr and 3 yr old toddlers and had a great time! My favorite thing about the city guides is that I can use the local one for day trips and staycation ideas here in Tucson! I love the realism of the reviews, and how it gives me the ability to cherry-pick where to go, and what's age-appropriate. I like all the different recommendations, although I don't have kids, I enjoy exploring new places and the guides help me find them.
One suggestion for the reader-submitted part of the city guides: create regional categories.

I like that you put your suggestions and also lets the readers share their favorite destinations.
I wish I would have known about this before our trip to Portland - I love the very unique things that you suggest, like the little ponys. I would love to see a dollar key (something like $$ or $$$) to denote how expensive or inexpensive certain activities are at a quick glance. We're travelling to Boston next week and I like that you have restaurant recs and the tips on public transportation are great too!
The city guides are great and informative, but I'd really like to see Washington DC on the list.
I would recommend that the City Guides be monitored to eliminate duplicate user entries by combining them into one. I really like the photos -- it helps this momma SEE what is available and get a visual picture of what a place is all about. I like knowing where I can rent baby gear, so I don't have to lug it with me everywhere. I love the information on the site, and in particular like that folks who've been to or live in cities contribute.
Two suggestions, make the search bar on the top automatically search your site first, not google.
I love reading the restaurant suggestions in your guides; my husband and I love to find good places to eat where our not-so-quiet baby is welcome! I like that there are so many listed and that they're kid-freindly with activities etc.
As a Portlander I appreciate your including our small city, but the listings could be expanded. There's really very little at all for my state, Indiana, and there really is some good stuff here believe it or not!
I'd like to see price ranges (even if they were non-quantified, like expensive, moderate, budget) in the listing lines of the hotels and restaurants. About MeI'm Debbie, mother of three delicious kids and I write about traveling with little kids. I was happy to see Little Rock, AR under your reader suggestions, because it's not often that I see anything about Arkansas on any site I look at!

I live in Western Massachusetts, and I've submitted a place in Hadley, which is near Northampton and Amherst and kinda near Springfield and the Berkshires.
I live near San Francisco, so I especially appreciate all the suggestions for things to do there with little ones.
I appreciate that there are reader-based entries for Tempe and Tucson too - there's a lot more to Arizona than four cities though! It makes it nice to know what other traveling parents think of even what locals know about their city that makes it a fun place for families. I looked through your site when I was getting ready to go to Hawaii with my 15 month old twins. Of course, since I'm in Albquerque right now - for not sure how long (husband contracts to the air force base) I especially like that review! Last night I also added a restaurant, Sofi's Crepes, left my comment about your City Guides, and signed up for your e-mails. Many residents make great use of the parks, and I'd love to see visitors check them out too. In order to ensure the best experience when shopping on our website, we recommend using a more up to date version of Internet Explorer, or downloading a free browser such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Please make sure that the email address in your comment form is valid (email addresses are never public). This could be a cumbersome project to figure out where all these little places are in the big scheme of things, but it could be something that would pay off as the site grows. Tabor (how many other parks are on top of volcanoes?), Laurelhurst (separate playground and pond areas, with lots of room to run around), and Grant Park (in the summer check out the Beverly Cleary fountain with Ramona et al sculptures that kids can touch, sit on, etc). Also, the book Portland Hill Walks has been indispensable for our family--we have learned so much about our city from these books, and the walks are free!

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