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I'm in the middle of potty training my almost 3-year-old son, so no one knows better than I do what a pain in the royal butt this is at this very moment. This, of course, means that I end up cleaning more messes than other people, but I think the potty training process doesn't take as long.
From what I've been able to gather, not only are femenine pads much cheaper, but if you buy the right ones, they don't absorb pee so that your child will know he's wet and be so disgusted that he'll never go again on his maxi pad. I can totally understand the cost factor involved in making this decision, but I would just feel so weird doing it. We were down to about 10 pull ups and I asked mine if he wanted to sleep in unders and he said yes. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
While there are many ways of potty training a child, I'm of the belief that once he's out of diapers, he's out of diapers.

So I was shocked when I heard that some parents use maxi pads instead of traning pants when potty training their children.
In other words, I don't believe in pull-ups or any other traning pants because I just feel it's a waste of time. Also, the cost of training pants can be completely avoided by going grom diapers to underwear. She's a bilingual and bicultural journalist born in Peru and raised in Mexico, Argentina, South Africa and Miami. I have now given up 100% on potty training, I’m going the lazy route now ?? wish me luck! My friends would comment on their kids giving up the pull up at night but it was clear we were not in the same boat. She loves books, languages, traveling and good food – especially when cooked by someone else.

The 1% of suckage has been from being called from my bed at 3am to retrieve the car that fell out of bed and no hopes of him going to the bathroom. He is not even three yet so I give him major credit for things going as well as they have so far.
We would explain he was welcome to go to the potty at night but he insisted he wasn’t big enough to go alone. Between that and the occasional deep nap at preschool that leads to an accident, I take it as proof he just isn’t ready.

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