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The foldable toilet actually compacts down to a total of five inches in height, making it incredibly easy to take with you wherever you need it. Made by Reliance the toilet is constructed of sturdy plastic that is both light weight and designed tough enough to take up to a 300 pound weight capacity.
Great as a camping toilet, home remodel, RVing, or for emergency purposes the portable camping toilet by Reliance has everything you need to take care of your business.
This entry was posted in Camping Equipment, Portable Toilets and tagged bathroom, camping toilet, fold to go, portable toilet, portopotty, toilet. The actual qualification of ighter pilot?is only acquired gradually as the training programme proceeds.
The IWC Aquatimer Automatic is available with black or silver plated dials, fake Tag Heuer and with a choice of rubber strap or stainless steel bracelet. Katie says this was propped up in the ladies room at a senior citizen apartment building in Florida. Me, I hate getting the back of my pants wet with urine…this happens when the guys use the bathroom at my office. The uncomfortable reality of the door-handle thing is that, yes, occasionally they can pick up traces of feces… but those traces get pretty quickly wiped away by all of the subsequent hand-touching the doorknob receives. What ever happened to “If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat!”??
Seeing it was in senior citizen apartments, I am thinking that someone’s hover skills are not what they used to be. From what I”ve read, men would be better served to wash before handling their junk to pee. There’s a Deluxe-Model Penis upgrade to the standard-issue that also dispenses feces.

I’d plop my hinny right down in the bathroom, but I think they only allow service dogs and asses.
I agree, but I’m still shocked and stunned that there are people who are THAT fearful about just sitting their ass on the goddamn toilet seat. If the faucet is one of those ones where it just lifts, you can use your wrist to turn it on and off. What I don’t get is I assume people sit at home, even when they live with other people?
With the sun setting earlier now, it may be too dark tonight to get a good picture by the time I get over there, so then I’ll plan for another opportunity during the daylight hours. Raichu, my boyfriend lives on that same street, so I”m hoping to get pictures of his newer signs posted here.
Their potty topper is my second fave item (right behind their table toppers) to use when on the go with my lil girl. We will definitely be buying more of this to put in our cars, bags, and at grandma's house! Potty topper (Nov 23, 2008) Reviewer: Christian I used the potty topper this weekend while camping it was FANTASTIC.
The toilet folds down to a compact size that makes it ideal for taking with you on your camping or hunting trip, or for stowing it away in an RV. This toilet seat even has folding legs in case you were wondering to help get to its small folded size. The port-o-potty can accept regular trash bags for waste, or you can use their Double Doodie toilet bags for no mess cleanup. These are the fastest reacting and most courageous military pilots, true dog fighters and audacious rather than cautious pilots.
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All that crap (very much intended) just gets smeared around there until someone finally attacks it with a bucket of Nast-B-Gone and a mop. C’mon, if *you* think its too nasty to push into the can and flush, why do you expect *me* to do it? Now I have visions of one of those split toilet seats reaching out and grabbing people; strangling, drowning, beating them to death. It actually is possible to avoid others germs and avoid contributing your own at the same time. So why is it OK to sit where your spouse, children, neighbors, in-laws, and grandparents have been but not where your coworkers have been? A privacy tent is designed to enclose the toilet and is a good idea if you will not be in a remote location. Unless you have an open cut, you’re not going to get whatever nasties are on the seat into your body anyway. If your butt is so precious that you’re not going to plunk it down anyway, take a peice of TP, lift the seat and *then* hover.
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