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LITTLE MOMMY GOTTA GO DOLLAwesome Interactive doll by Fisher PriceLittle Mommy Gotta Go Dollcomes with her very own bathroom playset Girls can help their doll go number one and number two, wash her hands and brush her teeth! Potty training Chinese style fascinates Western expat moms who see the diaper-free baby style as a form of environmentalism – but they watch for potted plants, just in case. Move over, Sigmund Freud.Using slit-bottom pants called kaidangku, Chinese children have traditionally used very few diapers. Hornsby and her husband have been using an ancient Chinese method of toilet training, with some success.
Instead, they’re encouraged from as early as a few days old to release when they’re held over a toilet. Self-contained potty and no water play means no mess, only fun!Press the button on her tummy to get the doll started. Called “elimination training” or “elimination communication,” the practice encourages babies and toddlers to use the toilet on demand while a caregiver is making whistling or shushing noises. While her son, Will, was in diapers as a one-year-old, her daughter Eden, who had spent time with a foster family, had been started on elimination training before her first birthday. For example, she'll ask for a drink of water, and when you hold the cup to her mouth, and she'll make drinking sounds.

Likewise, she'll say "Time to brush my teeth!" If you "brush" her teeth with her toothbrush, she will make realistic tooth-brushing and gargling sounds.Using the PottyThe Gotta Go Doll's central feature, of course, is using the potty. Sit the doll on the toilet, and it will sound like she is "going" in the toilet -- and she will talk about the process, too, humming a tune before she "goes," and saying "I really have to go!" or singing "Pee pee in the potty!" and other phrases that will be funny and delightful to a young child.In the meantime, when the doll is positioned on the toilet, the "water" in the toilet disappears, with the expected "potty waste" appearing in its place. It turned out that they were supposed to make a “shushing sound” and were given a brief tutorial about how to hold her over the toilet.Garton and her husband were part of a group of about nine families who had adopted children in China, and many of those parents were told their children had been potty trained. They thought that going through the adoption process and moving to a new country was enough stress.“But we were adamant” about trying it, Garton says. Wash the doll's hands at the sink -- turn the right faucet to hear realistic running-water sounds.Once the fun is finished, your child can simply lay the doll on her back. For the first week, Garton and her husband were “constantly running to the bathroom” with their baby, while the other parents sat back and watched. She makes a yawning sound and is ready for play again.Realistic Play with No Mess!The realistic sounds and randomized, interactive phrases from the doll make a delightful stimulation for role playing. And we personally were relieved to find that, unlike other "pee pee" dolls, this one doesn't require real water -- and real mess -- to provide realistic, interactive fun.However, we did find it a little bit difficult to understand some of the doll's phrases -- it took a couple of listens to figure out what she was saying. And our particular doll, unfortunately, makes a tooth-brushing sound immediately after her water- drinking sound, whether you're brushing her teeth or not.

We’ve been brainwashed by the diaper companies” with their marketing efforts, she adds.For many Western parents, the use of disposable diapers seems to offset any good they might do by recycling plastic, driving hybrid cars, or keeping the thermostat low at home.
Hornsby says that when her son was born, she felt guilty she wasn’t using cloth diapers, but since she worked all day, she didn’t want to ask her child’s caretaker to deal with washing diapers. But that’s often about 15 seconds before he can’t hold it in any longer, and, well, mistakes are made.
In the first month after her daughter’s birth, she used cloth diapers for the baby during the day and a disposable diaper at night. When the baby was about 10 months old, she bought a baby toilet and put the toddler on the toilet first thing in the morning. Our contributing and guest bloggers are not employed or directed by the Monitor, and the views expressed are the bloggers' own, as is responsibility for the content of their blogs. Debra Bruno blogs at Not by Occident.

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