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This is a fun way to help your little one learn about using the potty, and a fun way for them to learn to read as well. I searched the library and all my local stores for books on potty training and for some reason none of them had this book.
By using this Web site, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the Terms of Use. Thankfully, Alona Frankel presents toilet training in a frank, open way for parents and children.
I wrote this book when my own child was toilet training to help him better understand the process.

There is no other book with this detail of a young girls body, at least not a book that i have seen.
Available in both Girl and Boy formats, Once Upon a Potty books are best used as companion volumes to a child's new potty.
I took this opportunity to teach my child not just how to use the potty, but also about her body and how it works. I've never come across a book so perfect for potty training a little girl until I found this one.
All the kids loved the book, we changed the main character's name to my daughter's name & she thought the book was wrote just for her.

Learning to use the potty is often a lengthy process, taxing the patience of both parent and child. When success finally comes -- and it should come in its own good time, without undue pressure or haste -- it enhances the child's confidence and pride.

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