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Incredible Express TrainDownload132 MbCreate your own railroad: Build rail ways and deliver goods. The Ride On Santa Fe TrainPopular ToysIt's every kids dream to be able to ride a indoor train! EEP Virtual Railroad ProCD or Download101 MbDiscover limitless fun with this virtual model railway system! Rail Simulator puts players in control of every aspect of the train's operation and gives players a track editor to create and share their own routes. We are planning to use this very image in a hidden object game or perhaps a story book type game for mobile devices, IPads, android tablets, in the near future.

The Animal train image is broken into 63 classic shaped pieces for you to drag and drop back together. In this game, you will work as a newly hired train conductor and for your first task; you are required to drive your way through the Nightmare Valley ?C a place that consists of fifteen spooky tracks.
This puzzle will keep you entertained for some time and features a graphic from one of our future Hypergurl IPad games. Close your eyes for a minute and allow yourself to dream that you are friends with these cute creatures. I would love to talk with a jolly elephant or be given a gentle bear hug from a real live bear.

Keep a check on our Facebook Page to stay up with our latest ITune offerings and online games. So if you are up to the challenge, go ahead and prove that you are capable enough of driving a ghost train even if it means that you need to pass through a lot of dangerous loops and steep tracks. Remember, you need to get a good bat rating or else, you will not be able to proceed to the next level.

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