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Legos are a fun and creative activities for kids and offering them Lego coloring pages will enhance that play and creativity allowing them to use even m ore of their creativity.
Seriously, why don’t we all just shelter in place because, you know, some critter somewhere could get injured. Why not using existing rights of way, following electric transmission lines or along highways?
We prefer to co-locate with existing rights of way where possible, but oftentimes it is not feasible. Consequently, the pipeline project does not meet the agency's minimum requirements for a special use permit to cross the George WashingtonOh, what irony. If we are blessed with a shillary or burnie loss these USFS people should be let go and the rest sent packing back to tending Smokey the Bear. ATA Chief Executive Stuart St Clair returned to Canberra last week with a fresh appreciation of the road conditions facing truck drivers along the Warrego, Landsbrough, Barkly and Stuart highways, through Queensland and the Territory.
Stuart drove an ABB quad (semi-trailer with a dolly and a B triple) carrying a commercial load from Mitchell to Darwin with Bill Manton, the national training manager at Simon National Carriers.
Stuart said he wanted to be able to give politicians and public servants a firsthand report about the state of the route, and said the Queensland Government should be commended for the road works underway. Stuart said the on road performance of the ABB quad was exceptional and confirmed the ATA’s argument that modern multi roll coupled combination vehicles provided safer outcomes on our shared roads. Stuart met with drivers and operators on the way, before sitting down with the Northern Territory Road Transport Association and trucking operators in Darwin to discuss the NHVR, fatigue and the proposed carbon tax. Stuart returned to Brisbane via the same route but at the wheel of a standard Triple Road Train and was then able to have firsthand experience of the different handling and tracking of a conventional Type 2 Road Train.

Heavy A comes up with a plan to rid the world of minivans by making and promoting a mini model of Dieselsellerz’ legendary MegaRam. US internet search engine Google has also been testing its own prototype of a self-driving car since 2010. Experts say self-drive cars are potentially safer because they take the risk of human error out of motoring. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Forest Service has rejected the latest proposed route of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline because of the 42-inch natural gas pipeline's potential damage to the habitat of sensitive animal species protected by two national forests in Virginia and West Virginia. There are already enough of those cutting through the forests and over mountains in WV and western VA. For example, electric transmission lines can traverse steep terrain in ways pipelines cannot. Electric power rights-of-way, depending on the voltage of the overhead lines, the cross-connections, and the height of the power lines (lowest point) can generate difficult underground voltages (corrosion and static voltages both) in pipelines that are parallel to the power lines. The F650 giveaway reveal will stretch the facility of diesel to the restrict when the F650 tries to tug a whole practice. In addition, there often is not enough room along highway rights of way or there are other restrictions. Consequently, the pipeline project does not meet the agency's minimum requirements for a special use permit to cross the George Washington and Monongahela national forests, said Kathleen Atkinson, regional forester for the Eastern Region, and Tony Tocke, regional forester for the Southern Region. The decision is the second time the Forest Service has blocked a proposed route for the pipeline because of its likely effect on endangered species, but Dominion, the Richmond-based energy company that leads the pipeline partnership, said it remains optimistic that it would find a route that would satisfy the Forest Service's concerns.

The regional foresters informed the company that the Forest Service would review the technical feasibility of the drilling proposal and any contingency plans in case the technology doesn't work. They also cautioned that the agency could require the company to complete the proposed drilling successfully before allowing construction of the pipeline to proceed through the national forests. The law center is among 44 organizations in Virginia and West Virginia that formed the Allegheny-Blue Ridge Alliance to oppose the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, as well as the Mountain Valley Pipeline proposed to extend from West Virginia through the Roanoke Valley to Pittsylvania County and other potential natural gas pipeline projects through western Virginia. The alliance and other opponents cheered the Forest Service's decision to block the route that the Atlantic Coast Pipeline proposed in late October as a way to satisfy Forest Service concerns about harm to Cow Knob salamander habitat on Shenandoah Mountain, between Highland and Augusta counties in the George Washington National Forest, and the Cheat Mountain salamander in the Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia. The staff said then it could not issue a schedule for completing an environmental assessment of the project until the evaluation is done. Dominion and its partners in the pipeline company say the $5 billion project is essential to transporting low-priced natural gas from the Marcellus shale field in northern West Virginia to power plants and under-served markets on the Atlantic Coast of Virginia and North Carolina. They say it would lower electricity costs for consumers, provide a cheap and reliable source of fuel for manufacturers and gas distributors, and help utilities retire dirtier coal-fired power units. Opposition has been fiercest in Nelson and Augusta among the 10 jurisdictions in Virginia that the pipeline would cross, but concerns also have been raised in Highland and Buckingham counties.

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