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The rifle is marked M47C (BSA Shirley?) and serialled E34389 on the receiver, bolt and forend and magazine (renumbered). The cheekpeice and scope mounts are missing and the rather grubby stock (missing rear hanguard) has an ishapore screw, but is a low-cut sidewall version. I cannot determine a date on the rifle - it would appear from Stratton BSA Shirley used E as a prefix in 1942 but I am not certain if the serial here is original or dates from the conversion. Sorry about the pictures I just snapped them when I got home -- it's dull and overcast - this was the best I could manage with artificial light. It is odd that the serial number is over the date , looks like serial number was scrubbed off then reapplied. Semus1957 - as requested: Please see pics below, apologies for the rushed quality but I think you can see what I was taking to be a Squared S on the front band and the combined LB mark on the safety lever. Hi 4th - I think it looks really great - a well used 4t - definitely genuine - but you know that. Definitely a long branch safety - I wouldn't worry about parts from different manufacturers on it. Year - I can just see something under the restamped serial number so maybe get a magnifying glass or perhaps take a couple of pics on 'close' with the digital camera - sometimes it can pick up things which are hard to spot with the Mark 1 eyeball.
So we have a great well used no 4t - don't forget that ones which went to India were probably 'well used' by the British Army which increases the likelihood of it having seen action, which in my mind is a good thing. Personally speaking I wouldn't clean it up too much - for me that's part of the rifle, part of the history, and why we like milsurps is because of that (otherwise we'd all be buying horrible plastic things).
If your serial number is correct this rifle came off the line within a few months of yours. To answer a couple of questions: yes, the bolt, receiver, fore-end and magazine match I cannot see any numbers on the front hand guard and the butt has a mismatched number on it.
Aside from a gentle cleaning (it is really very grimy) and a mechanical once over what I had initially thought is that I would look into repro parts. I have installed a hand guard (I had one that matches very well) but need to adjust the fit a little and when I get some time will gently clean the furniture and give the mechanics a once over – and work on the bore which I suspect will clean up nicely.
I suspect I can hear purists sucking in their breath and limbering up their fingers at this point so I will cease… Thanks for suggestions so far. I have a set of ORIGINAL pads that I could sell at a decent price, with correct thread and profile screws.
Can someone confirm the dimensions of and material used in the screws that hold the cheekpiece on please - were the original screws steel or brass? A gentle cleaning, and one coat of BLO and added a handguard (from spares box - matches pretty well I think), and an original cheekpiece from Apex, also a decent match. Control is a hybrid of Team Deathmatch and Objective ModesOf course, the aim of the Control matches in the Crucible is to hold on to as many bases as possible for as long as you can. Get TrustedReviews' award-winning reviews, opinions and advice delivered to your inbox for free!
The rifle was imported (presumbably from India) by CAI and is import marked on the barrel near at the muzzle.
I know that restoration is not likley to be viable financially but I thought I might see about getting a cheekpiece and cleaning it up a bit.

If so I looked at it before you bought and I passed as more work then I wanted and still wouldn't be quite right. I would think it is a 1943 date and if you get a cheek piece don't get the one from Numrich as it is not correct. When armourers replaced bits they didn't match it up - just whatever came next out of the box. And get it back in action (genuine no32s have gone down in price recently - mk 1 ?500 ish, mk2 ?850ish but still a lot of cash).
There are certain things that just wouldn't be around anymore if not for the folks who decided to spend the time and money to put them back together. The sum of the parts you'd have in it would be faaaaaaaaaaaar more than what it's worth, even as a place holder in your collection. In addition to the cost however, there is quite a lot of unflattering commentary online about those - so I am now thinking that is not the way to go either. Helping you get the most of out Destiny at the start Destiny is finally here and you can buy it now on a number of platforms, including the Xbox One and PS4 - the latter of which you get some exclusive content with.
Make use of sniper riflesAlthough you may not feel a sniper rifle is entirely appropriate for your class, you might want to keep one in your arsenal, just because of its amazing damage dealing capabilities. You get 10 minutes per match, so you either wait until the timer runs out or it's the first team to reach 20,000 points that wins."Every action players do above the standard kill will give them more points. I have the original parts (minus scope) to restore one but I have more then enough projects that never seem to get finished. Also if you put the cheek piece on it will make it harder to shoot with the ladder rear sight, well atleast when I shoot without the scope I can not get a good weld to the stock.
However, it's never going to be original anyway, so if you want to buy a few repro bits, you could probably end up justifying the costs, even though they'd still be high. The serial does look to be overstamped but as noted is matching in several locations and I see no traces of other numbers. What I thought I might do is split the difference… get repro, cheek piece, pads and a mount and perhaps install something like a Weaver K3 scope which are decent quality and vaguely resemble the no32 but would be usable without fear, about the same magnification and would give the basic feel and look of a (T) which I could shoot without doing any further damage to the original rifle.
If you've only just started sinking in your teeth into the game, we've picked up some handy tips along the way that will help you get started in the mammoth adventure that is Destiny.Don't be put off by the fact that a huge amount of players will have already reached level 20 or beyond. From whatever range you are from your enemy, sniper rifles will deal around 3 to 5 times more damage than any other weapon – especially a head shot. Getting kills with a headshot, melee, grenade, Super, Heavy weapons, or vehicle will all add additional points on top of each kill," said Bakken.
I had a look at the repro sets available from Numrich and they look like they would contain everything I might need but at $700+ I am not sure I want a look-a-like that badly. To install new scope pads you will have to use heat to solder them on and the scope may not line up correctly as we do not know the thickness of the original scope pads. Of course, sniper ammo is limited so you’ll only be about to shoot around 15 bullets before your ammo is depleted.
If you take the latter route, I dona€™t recommend responding to their crying, or they will have you trained!
It's difficult to tell from the photo but the serial number on the wrist looks re-stamped to me.

A second sub-class opens up at level 15For further customisation opens, you'll be able to open up a second sub-class for your Guardian at level 15. You can't sell items in the storeInstead you'll need to disassemble them in your inventory, or store them in the Tower Vault to share with your other characters. Get uncommon gear on demandIf you’re looking for some uncommon gear, make sure to repeatedly hit the Devil’s Lair Strike Mission.
Ammo crates are useful, but can be trapsYou'll always spawn with primary ammo, but it's the special and heavy ammo that you'll need to scout out in the maps. I wish I could take the credit, but if given the proper surroundings, many pups will 'train themselves'. When you disassemble them, you'll get some Glimmer currency and some other valuable materials, so don't worry about scrapping the lower level weapons and items you no longer need.3. Every time you complete it you get rewarded with a piece or two of uncommon gear that gives you additional benefits over the average loot.13. It can be found in ammo crates strewn around the maps, but watch out because these can be used against you."Ammo Crates can be shared.
Each player can have up to three GuardiansAlthough you might want to focus on a single Guardian to begin with, you can actually have up to three active Guardians at any one time. Changing your weapon loadout will cost youAlthough Destiny will let you change out your weapon load at any time – even in the midst of a Crucible match – the privilege does cost you all your Heavy and Special ammo. It's a good idea to train them up as you progress through the game, just in case you know you're heading into a Strike that would be better tackled by a different Guardian to your main character for example.
Place a patch of straw outside where you want them to go, and get them familiar with the location. Having multiple characters also means that you can share all the weapons, armour and other items you collect between them, rather than having to scrap valuable items when your vault is full.4. For example, you won't want to try and get the Bane of the Emperor achievement until you've got the Superior Sniper Rifle, as it requires you to take out 25 Cabal with precision shots in a single mission without dying.5. Switching too fast or slamming to another food can cause diarrhea (in some cases with blood)A  and vomiting.
A few dogfoods that I really like are NutriSource Large Breed Adult Chicken (or Lamb) and Rice, Blue, Innova, California Naturals, and Solid Gold.
It is my personal opinion, that ethoxiquin -a preservative added to dogfood- should be avoided at all costs.GermsA - Everyone loves to shop for their new puppy! I'll be at the front door when you get home from work, wearing only what nature gave me.
Call (03) 475-6420 and ask for Daisy.Over 15,000 men found themselves talking to the Atlantic City branch of the SPCA about an 8-week old black Labrador retriever.

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