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Viking has crafted footwear for more than 100 years and is one of the leading technical outdoor shoe specialist in Scandinavia today. Sofie Schnoor was originally a shoe designer, hence the great selection of trendy footwear.
All products are made using only long-lasting, soft materials of high quality with no use of fabricated or artificial materials.
I really did try to be selective, but just had to show you and share these beautiful pieces.
It’s not only established brands like Angulus and Bisgaard that spoil us with a fantastic range of footwear for our little ones. Behind the brand is the Danish designer Lone Kier who has 15 years experience as a shoe designer for famous shoes brands, like ECCO and Bundgaard but has since 2005 focused on developing the brand byKier. Their idea is that all children should be able to get trendy high quality shoes at reasonable prices. During Copenhagen Fashion Week this August at CIFF Danish shoe brand Bundgaard launched a collection of organic children’s footwear, following the trend with all things organic. The organic collection offers two styles of sandal, three styles of shoe and one style of slippers, all available in red, brown and blue and will be in stores from spring 2011. Bundgaard is own by one of the oldest and largest shoe manufacturer in Denmark, Sanita Footwear and are well known in Scandinavia for creating high quality footwear for children (similar quality as Bisgaard and Angulus). Bisgaard is a Danish Brand of children shoes (previously known as Cocomma), with innovative design, superior materials and good fit. More and more parents fit their children’s shoes themselves and by following some simple steps they will find the perfect fit for their child and can purchase shoes with out waiting for hours. Style: Choose shoes with a round tip and low heel and that are made of leather or fabric that breaths. I have to tell you about my last experience with buying shoes from a specialist shop with the help of a qualified shoe-fitter.

Please note that, as our customers noticed, Living Crafts' sizing here is very large (the 8-9 years can fit one of our staff). You will feel the difference in quality when you touch organic cotton - it's something that gives us pleasure to handle here at Cambridge Baby.The reduced processing of the cotton results in a longer-staple, higher quality cotton that is softer on your skin.
A small amount of shrinkage may occur in the first couple of washes, but the clothes are made slightly bigger to accomodate this.
To reduce calcium build-up which can contribute to a hardening of your clothing, add a little vinegar to your rinse cycle.
Living Crafts is a German company dedicated to producing eco-friendly, fairly traded, quality clothes. All employees have regulated working conditions, including a fair wage, fair working hours and regular breaks. Using the unspoilt and wild nature of Norway as their test lab, the shoes are second to none. We find the entire collection being a mix of the pure and simple look with raw details that’s so trendy now.
Why pay more than you have to and why drag you child from shop to shop to find the right shoes if you can do the shoe fitting and purchase in the comfort of your own home.
Leeses lives and works in Denmark and she has created her first shoe collection within the brand’s philosophy of creating comfortable footwear that works with the natural development of children’s feet. They have a simple philosophy about making room for creativity and imagination -and children’s feet. When you are finding yourself in one of the larger department stores, with a note in your hand saying you’re number 58, and still you’re happy to wait. Add another 10-15 mm to the foot and you’ll have the length of the inner sole of a shoe that fits length vise.
He measured my Little Scandinavians feet and then asked us to wait while he got the right size from the storage room.

Soft and comfortable stripy long-sleeved 2-piece pyjamas with a long-sleeved stripy top and plain bottoms. The aim of the GOTS standard is to define world-wide recognised requirements that ensure organic status of textiles, from harvesting of the raw materials, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing, through to clear labelling. There should be about a thumbnail’s length between their toes and the end of the shoe, to allow room for growth and movement.
And buy new shoes as it’s not a good idea to hand shoes down from one child to another as no two pairs of feet are the same. The cuffs at the wrists and ankles can be rolled up if they are a bit big, and the trousers won't ride up your child's legs in the middle of the night. This provides a credible assurance to you the customer that your choice is supportive for the planet and all those involved in its manufacturer.
Living Crafts goes even further to look after the planet and its inhabitants; it uses renewable energy. You can also measure your child’s feet by downloading and printing a foot-measuring guide online.
But remember that shoe shapes and sizes vary between styles and brands just as they do in clothing.
Such impressive credentials, combined with beautiful, practical, comfortable designs - truly awesome!
Also several online shops offer a return possibility in case they don’t fit (or you don’t like them after all).

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