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New research is beginning to explore whether too much—or too little—folic acid during pregnancy is related to a baby’s risk of developing autism. By clicking "Create Account", I confirm that I have read and understood each of the website terms of service and privacy policy and that I agree to be bound by them.
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But even with those experiences, I do not really know what it’s like to be a single parent. But rather than extend those of you single parents a little sympathy, I would rather thank you for what I’m learning from you. One of the concepts I work with comes from Jamie Rasor’s book, Raising Children You Can Live With.
But single parents, because they don’t have the luxury of balancing the two sides with another person, actually get this right.
This doesn’t mean crowd my wife out of her relationship with our kids, but it does mean that I have a relationship with each of my children that is not dependent on her.
Whenever we are struggling with certain emotions associated with our children, we ignite an internal battle.
What impresses me about so many parents I’ve worked with is their resolute decision to deal with it.

Get wild and let your little party animals roam free at this spotted and striped celebration. Check out these 30 fun and safe websites for kids—there’s something fun and educational for everyone.
You’ll need black and white nail polishes, an eyeliner brush or toothpick and top coat. I am nowhere near being able to accurately empathize with those moms and dads struggling to do it on their own night after night. Whenever we do not address a concern we have with another person, we end up treating them differently (passive-aggression, avoidance, pettiness). We begin to resent them, for instance, when they don’t obey, or respect us, or appreciate all our efforts.
Whether by death or divorce, or whether you’re the custodial or visitational parent, being a single parent carries with it a unique experiential perspective that cannot be fully understood unless you are one.
In order for me to be the best dad possible, I choose not to depend on my wife to do the dirty work or the nurturing work—I choose to do both as I see fit with each of my kids. If we don’t address this resentment with a peer or mentor, then it becomes all too easy to lash out toward our kids for just being kids. This takes so much courage to actually admit, but loses so much power when given permission to see the light of day and just breathe.

And yes, unfortunately, I was raised by two single parents after my parents divorced when I was eleven. Now this balance has shifted, with Dad the stereotypical buddy and Mom having to do all the dirty work. Guilt over resenting these kids when it just seems like life is too overwhelming and it would be so much easier without them.
Guilt is only destructive when kept under lock and key, but when exposed it can be seen as simply faulty, perfectionist thinking. Choose to befriend your kids, play with your kids, learning to truly delight in them as individuals. But also choose to respect them (and yourself) enough to set consequences for their choices and follow through with ridiculous, yet calm, consistency.

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