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Legal Advocates are available in Washington, Greene, and Fayette counties to assist victims of domestic violence with filing Protection From Abuse orders.  While we do not have attorneys on staff and we cannot give legal advice, Legal Advocates can assist with preparation for hearings, accompany victims to hearings, provide options when a PFA has been violated, and provide support throughout the PFA process. Many sources indicate that between 90-95% of victims of intimate partner violence are females with males as perpetrators. Advocates meet each battered woman where she is at any particular point in time, shaping responses to reflect and support her critical needs and choices, and being ever mindful of the experiences unique to her and which comprise her worldview.

The population that calls domestic violence crisis hotlines and uses the services is over 95% women.
At the same time, we recognize that men may also be victims and offer services and support to male victims as well as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender victims. It requires an informed helper and includes information, resources, advocacy, and education.

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