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Moms-to-be planning to deliver their babies at Marin General Hospital can take advantage of the hospital's and Prima Medical Group's Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM) for prenatal, labor and delivery, and postnatal care.
Marin General Hospital is in fact the only hospital in Marin or San Francisco that offers midwife services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Last summer we wrote about the Willa Walker, a cool new baby product launched by five Marin County dads. Come shop until you drop at this weekend's North Bay Just Between Friends Sale at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds Grace Pavilion in Santa Rosa.
A $3 admission fee is charged on Thursday, March 10, and $2 on Friday, March 11 for attendees ages 18 and over, but you can get in free by registering for a free pass in advance. With the time change approaching, I have received many e-mails and phone calls from parents asking how they can help their babies and toddlers transition to the new time without upsetting their child’s sleep. Very often when I am speaking at workshops and conferences or working with parents in their home, common questions include opinions about infant sleep and sleep development. This article will debunk some of the common sleep myths while helping parents to make informed sleep choices that support their parenting philosophy as well as their infant or child's developmental needs. Some of the classes available at Marin General include prenatal and postnatal instruction classes for expectant parents, infant care, CPR, breastfeeding help, a father class, a free mom’s support group, and help for siblings adjusting to a new brother or sister.
Gabe is constantly tinkering and inventing fun, so 10 minutes into the babysitting session, Willa Walker was born from some scrap materials in the garage. Since that time, Gabe has filed for a patent on the design and invited his cousin and three other childhood friends to launch the Willa Walker through their newly-formed Marin-based company, Playful Nature, LLC. Marin Mommies presents a guest article by Marin personal trainer and nutritionist Gina Parenzan.
Did you know newborns have different sleep patterns than older babies and don’t develop the ability to self soothe until four to six months of age? As a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach, my response is that you can’t over-indulge an infant. At around four months of age an infant’s internal clock, or circadian rhythm, is beginning to develop.

Whether you have made your home here for years and have older children in school or are just finding your way in a new town with a young family, you are certain to benefit from a group of peers.
Additionally, churches in the area host support groups and activities during the day and evening, including for military families of deployed soldiers. A midwife is a trained professional with special expertise in pregnancy and delivery in low-risk, healthy women. If you're interested, the hospital holds a series of one-hour informational meetings throughout the year. It's an innovative way for parents to participate in helping their baby learn to walk, while saving their backs, too.
Baby grabs the rings (instead of your fingers) and you hold onto the bar and let her walk without having to stoop over and stress your back. Taking place Thursday through Sunday, March10–13, 2016, Just Between Friends is the North Bay's largest children's and maternity consignment event.
This seven-class series covers pretty much everything you need to know about bringing home a new baby, and includes topics like breastfeeding, post partum expectations and realities, care of your newborn, and home and car safety. It's an innovative way for parents to participate in helping their baby learn to walk, and when we saw it we knew we had to learn more about it. As a pediatric nurse practitioner, lactation consultant, and sleep consultant, exhausted parents often ask me why their infant or child wakes up so often throughout the night.
During the first four weeks of life, the range of sleep may be between 14 to 17 hours each day. Several churches even offer parents’ nights out events that provide free childcare so you and your spouse can enjoy some alone time over a good meal or movie. The midwives at Marin General Hospital are all registered nurses with a MA in nursing or public health and are certified through the American College of Nurse-Midwives, which works in conjunction with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Midwives will share their philosophies and approaches, and review the services available when you choose to deliver your baby at Marin General Hospital.
The Willa Walker is made from sustainable hardwood and cotton and finished with organic coconut oil.

Sale hours are noon to 8 pm Thursday, 9 am to 8 pm on Friday, and 9 am to 3 pm on Saturday, and 9 am to 2 pm on Sunday. This can be very confusing for parents who want to make an informed choice about how best to help themselves and their babies sleep. Not only were we well taken care of, but we were also able to take advantage of the wide variety of classes offered by MGH to help smooth things along for new and expectant parents.
Classes are two hours each, and the first three classes can be taken as a single one-day childbirth class. We asked the guy behind the Willa Walker to tell us the story behind this neat new Marin-based product. It’s normal for babies at this age to have short periods of wakefulness and unpredictable sleep schedules. Other programs, such as the “Important Issues in Parenting Teens” series, also are available to parents.
Do this for the rest of the week, so when the time change does happen, your baby or toddler will have slowly adjusted to the new time.
Also, misconceptions abound as the field of infant sleep research is limited and the research is primarily focused on one area: behavioral changes.
Topics covered in this particular series include reclaiming routines after school breaks, following house rules, saying no to your teen, working and communicating with teachers, and technology risks and usage monitoring – all extremely relevant to parents of today’s teens and tweens.
A field of infant sleep is changing very quickly and new researching is debunking much of what we knew about infant sleep.
Parents can help their babies cue their circadian rhythms by bringing them outside, opening the shades in the nursery and other rooms where the family spends time, introducing feed, play, sleep routines, and feeding frequently during the day.

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