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Here are some of the major milestones your pediatrician will be tracking during the first visit. How to select a good-quality breast pump to ensure that your baby has access to your milk even when you are away from her. Being a grandparent is a cherished role, help them celebrate it this holiday season with these 10 gift ideas.
Between feedings, changing diapers, and no sleep, moms need extra attention this time of year.
Your biggest concern while grocery shopping with your baby is likely just getting through the store in a reasonable amount of time and with minimal crying. Shockingly, nearly 1,000 infants in carriers fall out of shopping carts each year, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
Introduced about six months ago, Safe-Docks are currently available at major retailers like Wal-Mart, Kroger, and Shop-Rite, usually located right in the front of the store, and sectioned off from the regular carts.

New Parent™ Resident Moms are part of an exclusive group of expectant, new, and toddler-staged moms who review products, share their opinions, and basically rule the website (and universe). Sign up for exclusive discounts and the latest parenting news delivered right to your inbox. We didn’t actually make them, but the guidance I saw was to use food coloring and a toothpick. I was wondering if you could give me a link to make the Watermelon Fruit Basket with the baby in the stroller please? There are also edible ink pens available – check Amazon for a range of colors, point-sizes, and costs. Enter Safe-Dock, the first universal infant carrier docking station for shopping carts designed to securely contain any infant carrier sold in the United States.
PLUS: Ask your breastfeeding questions, give answers, read tips from breastfeeding moms, and more!

I have made punch kind of like that with ice-cream but that don’t look like ice-cream to me, please send me directions if there is anyone out there that know.
But in fact, most infant carrier instruction manuals say to never place the carrier in a shopping cart.
Designed by retail safety manufacturer SafeStrap, Safe-Docks are permanently mounted onto the front section of shopping carts, with curved seats and heavy-duty harnesses to keep infant carriers secure. When bumped or jostled, it can tip or fall out of the cart entirely, which can result in serious head trauma for infants,” Giampavolo says.

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