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Really your toddler is just trying to express themselves and at times frustration sets in and displays itself as a tantrum! The best way to deal with a toddler tantrum is not to over react; in some cases parents almost end up having a meltdown of their own when trying to pacify a toddler having a tantrum! Trying to reason with a toddler can also back fire, always remember toddlers don't have the ability to be rational and act purely on the emotions they are feeling at that time. Always deal with the moment, don't delay and deal with it at a later time, it's so common to threaten to do something but not actually carry it through!

The best advice is always be CONSISTENT and think carefully about what consequence or punishment you threaten as you need to carry it out.
Giving timeout works well for many toddlers, gives parents time to calm down and your toddler, have a specific place for time out, such as the bottom step, a chair or in their bedroom as basically you are giving your toddler no attention and it's boring for your toddler. Offering choices to your toddler can curb tantrums as it makes them feel they are in control, so if you are out & about and your toddler wants to walk rather than sit in the pushchair offer two choices: "say, would you like to hold the pushchair or hold my hand when we go shopping" they have to choose one of your choices, this will give them a sense of control over the situation and it will make them less likely to throw a wobbly!
Some toddlers like to be held during a tantrum, cuddle them until the tantrum passes, cuddling offers comfort and security. Many experts will tell you ignore, ignore, ignore as the more attention your toddler receives positive or negative the greater the tantrum.

It needs to be realistic, so maybe taking away their favourite toy for a few days will be more effective than saying we won't be going to your swimming lesson!
Acknowledging how they are feeling can be reassuring to them, Say " I can see you are feeling angry about not sharing the train but you're okay and we will sort it out". Older children work well with star charts and offering a reward at the end of the week with a small gift, (a small car, hair clip etc).

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