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As your baby grows additional massage, yoga techniques, postures and movements will help develop baby's strength, fine motor skills, independence, co-ordination, flexibility and confidence.Babies love these classes and interacting with you and each other!Natural, organic massage oil is provided. Available in the comfort of your own home, these sessions are especially useful for newborns too young to join the classes, babies with special needs, or for mums or other family members unable to attend classes at other times, but who still want to learn techniques to benefit you and your baby.
You and your baby can have fun together at the Battery Park City Parks' Parent and Baby Yoga classes.

Parent and Baby Yoga is a multi-level class designed to strengthen the body after giving birth, and allows new parents to practice yoga with their babies (newborns through pre-crawlers).
Learn how to regain strength in the abdominal muscles, and develop inner and outer strength, while meeting other new parents and babies.
The first time, he was a bit unsettled, needed feeding and comforting through the class, but I enjoyed learning the massage routine that I was able to put into practise at home - in fact, this became part of our daily routine; when I got home from work I would bath and massage him before his bedtime feed and I felt this really helped to strengthen the bond between us - I also felt much more involved in his care.

The second session we attended together was a very different experience; my son was very alert, more settled in himself and of course much sturdier (and I was feeling more confident too), so we really enjoyed all the baby yoga moves and learning about how they can help him develop further with his sitting, rolling, crawling etc.

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