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According to Oregon television station KGW, a 27-year-old man who fell asleep inside a recycling dumpster in Portland survived being compacted twice after the dumpster was emptied into a trash hauler. Practise fractions with your child using everyday objects - be it a piece of paper, a slice of bread, an apple, a pizza or anything that can be easily divided. My kid (4.5 yrs old)loves the magazine and enthusiastically does all the exercises in it!Mrs. It is a combination of many new things and a perfect booklet for children to learn new things.

Take a sheet of paper, ask your child to crumple it, stamp on it, get angry with the paper. Then ask him to open up the paper and try and straighten it back again to make it look like it did before. I think this magazine will be liked by all kids as the activities in this book are very good!Mr. Once she understands simple fractions, take it a little further and ask her to slice a fruit into sixths, eights and so on.

Finding that next tagline, strategy or product at work or resolving a tussle at home or even finding a quick fix to a leaking pipe! Use this as a lesson to teach them that once we hurt a person verbally or physically, it can leave scars and no matter how many times you apologise or try and take back your mean and hurtful words, that person would never be the same.

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