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At the end of second grade my son started learning his multiplication facts along with a few division facts. Grand Prix: Race other kids in a car racing game that is fueled by how quickly and accurately you can solve multiplication math fact problems.
Alien Lunch: Serve the aliens lunch as quickly as possible by giving them the correct lunch.
I have used different strategies to get all three of my kids to master their multiplication facts.
My middle daughter’s 3rd grade class put their heads together to come up with these strategies to reason out their multiplication math facts. My oldest liked the tactile quality of wrapping the string around the math fact question into a pattern. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. My third grade son is working on his multiplication tables so I will be needing all these sits and strategies, especially for x7 and x8 which is the hardest fact family for my kids to master. I don’t remember how I learned any of this as a child, so I will be able to use all the types of things I can get to accumulate in order to try with my kids. These math apps are mostly to test math facts through memorization though my son will use different techniques to get the problem solved in the beginning.
When I attended Parent Night for my third grade son, I was surprised when the teacher said that she would not be emphasizing math facts during third grade.

Some math programs place a heavier emphasis on mathematical concepts and abstract thinking than on the skill and drill that has been typically emphasized in math instruction. Common sense still indicates that the better a child masters basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, the more adept he will be when computation becomes more complex. Ask the Teacher is written by Deb Krupowicz, a mother of four who holds a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction.
He had been using a free math site his 2nd grade teacher recommended called Xtra Math and after finishing addition and subtraction facts, moved on to multiplication. He hated that portion of the questions but you had to complete it before the site said that you were done. You can also race the computer, and adjust the questions to focus on a particular math fact set. I think the bottom line is that every child has a preferred learning style and needs to find what works for her. I hate when there is a portion of an educational game that you *have* to do even though it doesn’t necessarily lead to better understanding of what is being taught. There is a great deal of research that indicates that development of algebraic reasoning lays a stronger foundation for the in-depth math that is taught later. Adding, subtracting and multiplying multi-digit numbers will be done more successfully when a child knows basic math facts. Five to ten minutes of practice several times a week will provide a great foundation for confident math computation.

Deb has over twenty years of experience teaching preschool, elementary and middle school students. Though the site was effective in teaching him math facts, it stressed him out to the point of tears. Have many different strategies, games and tools since all kids learn differently (and enjoy variety). My son thinks the songs are weird but they are working (except when I mess up the numbers!). Sadly, with Common Core multiplication was moved out of second grade, but my daughter is still very interested in it and mostly learning it by multiplying things in her head and staring at the multiplication table in the end of her notebook ?? I think she is doing rather well for middle second grade.
Do any of them emphasize multiplication through grouping…or mostly testing of memorization?
Applying those three mastered skills to solving long division problems will minimize the frustrations of learning that very challenging concept. It will help in making math fact mastery less painful for parents too as they help their kids at home!
My oldest LOVED that multiplication race car game where you can race other anonymous kids or the computer.

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