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If you think of your toddler and how they sometimes respond when you ask them to do something or stop something, can you see why you may have a hard time getting your child to look at you, much less cooperate with you? This is why just saying stop won’t necessarily help when a child is engaged in a complex behaviour (and being involved means they also are less likely to even be listening at all).
In general you know we agree on most child-rearing concepts, but echo chambers aren’t really much for intellectual development.
Do you have any other ideas or tips for getting your child to take a bath?  What works for you?  Leave a comment and let us know. My son won’t take baths no matter how positive we are or how fun we make it; nothing works! Bad parenting skills what are they (does'nt sound good but don't panic), well a quick senario is the time when you think your doing everthing right with your toddler, but your toddler still behaves badly. You need to create your own schedule for toddlers if you feel the day just passes by and all the things you had planned never seem to get done. I had many days like that especially when my child was a toddler, so I realised that drastic action was needed and found making a written schedule to get my life back on track worked for me.
Take a look here at some of my tips on coping with your day and print off your own schedule for toddlers chart. When it comes to toddler potty training it can seem like a thankless task in the beginning. It is tempting to just give up with frustration when they just don't seem to be getting the hang of it. Take a look here to get some tips and advice on how I have dealt with improving toddler sleep habits. So what can you do about toddler temper tantrums, other than beat your child with a big stick (not recommended on this site). Tried everything and listened to everyones advice (they will grow out of it) about how to handle it. Then take a look at what Chris Thompson has to say about how you should be "talking to toddlers". The materials contained on this website are provided for general information purposes only and do not constitute legal or other professional advice on any subject matter.
Let me share with you on how well this reward chart has been since 11 Nov implementation till today, exactly 2 months.
Of course, from time to time, I still have to give them a push especially if they are lazy on a Sunday morning. If you have younger children, I am sharing one of my older post on Dealing with back talk and rude behavior here.

I hope parents out there who like this reward chart will find it an easy and powerful tool.
This entry was posted in Awards, Mummy Diaries and tagged back talk, back talking, behaviour chart, Children, Facebook, Kids, Parenting issues, printables, reward chart, rewards, Routines, Sticker. I think that by the time they are teenagers it will probably be safe to get rid of the chart!
Lots here for me to work on with my 3 and 4 year old sons who I’m struggling to relate to. Apparently, Rise and Shine, a parenting website which provides premium product offers, good tips and terrific parent community engagement, had decided to publish one of my blog post. Every night, before sleep, my kids will tick on which morning routines they have accomplished for the day, tick on whether they have done house chores for that day and tick on whether they have been respectful to Kel and I, siblings and others. And to those who are reading this for the first time, please feel free to share around if you find that it can benefit anyone! I am hoping that this implementation will enable some responsibility in them so that they need not use the chart anymore. Those images that are being used to determine the benchmarks are being taken from people culturally and artificially stunted. As far as traditional societies go there are a lot less no’s and the dangers are a lot more clear. I am really excited and happy that this reward chart that I had implemented successfully with my kids on getting them to do morning routines and house chores has resonated so well with other parents out there.
They have their reward charts to keep track on their behavior and diligence in the morning routines. However, within the 2 months, back talking still comes back occasionally, usually when the kids are tired and cranky. I love designing something that helps my parenting, and love to learn tips from other parents too. Keep writing and sharing your parenting experience, I am sure you will have great blogger friends and readers soon! So if we never ask it to do certain tasks, then, yes, it takes 20 plus years to finish, but other pathways are solidly in place much sooner-because those that are actively used get priority. I think the reason we as a society have such low expectation for our children, why a 15 year old today is referred to as a child who can not possibly be expected to make good decisions or practice self control and why a 6 year old can’t be given a pocket knife and bb gun, is precisely because our society starts by hovering over toddlers like they are still infants and never gets over that stage, children are treated like toddlers, adolescents like children, and adults like adolescents. It’s kind of like trying to learn something and having someone lay down a constant stream of advice. This has clocked my best one day page view to 1614 views and with more than 1100 unique visitors!!

I will check on them and give them their well-deserved stickers or no stickers for that day depending if they have accomplished what they are expected to do. I, as a parent, have to understand that we, adults do feel like back talking to our bosses sometimes, except that we know better than to say it out. This is useful for younger children and all the kid has to do is to colour the smiley faces. Unfortunately I still need lists at my age so I’m not hopeful of losing the lists for my kids any time soon .
I’m not sure what listening, either good listening or bad listening, has to do with it. As a further incentive, my mum, who came by and saw the reward chart with many stickers on them, told them if they have accumulated 50 stickers, she shall give them a $1 coin.
I’m also really glad that the chart has produced such great results in your household!
This chart has since helped me reign in independence, responsibility and respectful behavior in my children! It all has to do with what you demand of people, most people, children included, will rise to the occasion when set a high bar. And I really don’t think that there is this huge prevalence of not having high enough expectations for children. When they back talk at times, I have to repeat calmly that this behavior is not acceptable, and to apologize to me or Kel.
Science is only as good as the assumptions that go into designing and interpreting the study. I think that most people have really high expectations as far as self-regulation, listening, and obeying. Then there seems to be this general sense of really low expectations for children to Do things. As a culture we expect children to listen and rationalize what we are telling them to do, remember it day-to-day, and stop themselves from doing it. We expect them to instantly obey us, but we don’t trust them to decide if they want to go down the slide or not?

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