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Those are just a few of the words of wisdom that a New Zealand judge had for teenagers back in 1959.
I completely agree, I have friend with teenagers that are lazy and really think everything should be handed to them.
In fact, some parents commenting on the post vowed to stick the clipping on the fridge for their own kids to read. I like the judges advice, and I don’t agree that a town owes children recreational facilities. I think we have allowed ourselves to feel entitled because things are so much easier for us these days because of technology. Any time we go to a gas station to get gas or a drink and I see children standing outside the door with their team hat, helmets or pom-poms it frustrates me. I had to start working at 15 so I could provide myself with things such as school clothes and gas for the car I bought.
There are 2 sides to it – yes, no one owes you anything and you have to be responsible, but that also means you are a needed and valuable member of society.
EVERY generation thinks that the younger generation is less responsible, more immature, more spoiled and entitled, than they were.

I still think if towns can, provide a rec center – they are great for young and old and do help to provide positive entertainment and a great place to get together, but young people need to stop relying on others for entertainment. Why does one need a “recreation center” when one could take a long walk, a long hike, do calisthenics, ride a bike, whatever?
Its important for young people to have a sense of giving and sharing the responsibility of being part of a community. A newspaper clipping in which NZ principal John Tapene quotes the good judge recently found its way onto the social networking site, where it has already been shared almost 15,000 times. I do know that we have more control over we handle our situations than we do over whether someone will build us a park (frankly they make the parks so safe they are boring anyway — a common pet peeve). Not so much at the child but at the parent that tells them to do that instead of something like the judge suggested.
Someone once told me if you are bored that is because you are being boring…I think of that when I get bored as an adult and always try to come up with something creative to do.
My husband I agreed that if our boys want to do extra sports or activities that are slightly out of our budget and they have to contribute they will WORK for the money. The next town over had one but we learned how to keep outselves entertained with… well ourselves.

They will ask neighbors if they can wash the car, mow the lawn, rake leaves, clean gutters.
My 4 year threw my phone out of anger and broke it and I made her go and get all her birthday money to pay to replace it. So we build rafts, forts, read, did chores (brother learned to cook, I dabbled but never found interest and I’m kicking myself for that today). However, when my kid (7) was complaining about being picked up early from after care, I did tell him he needed to grow up and deal with it. I have friends that run out to cater to their kids that do not work and do nothing around the house. His words were completely accurate and more people should live by them and stop babying children the way we do today.
He ended up getting to go climb a rock wall and eat sno cones so he wasn’t exactly being mistreated.

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