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Teens who become parents at such a fragile age face a long and strong battle to successfully rear their kids, along with fulfilling other roles that the society expects from them. Becoming a parent at such a young age can make it extremely difficult to complete their education or get a job. On the flip-side, teenage parents usually have a lot more energy than older parents to keep up with the demands of the toddlers.
Another challenge that teenage parents might face is that they are not able to give enough attention to their children as they are usually extremely busy coping up with the other facets of their lives.
Learning the skills of taking care of a new born baby is undoubtedly a huge reality check for teenage mothers. Teen mothers also need to contribute to their personal income and work towards professional development.
If you are a teen parent, there are certain ways which can help you deal with the challenges of having a child. If you are living away from the family or are on your own, look for different ways of getting financial support, such as through ‘Centrelink’.
Contact members of your local community center to find a suitable support group for teenage parents. Try to look for an affordable counseling service or take the help of your local council for the same.
Speak to as many experts as you can, whoever you come in touch with, including your doctor, health nurse, or any other expert linked with child care to find our about the best ways to create the right home environment for the children.
Whether you agree with the advice or not, some no-nonsense words directed at teenagers have drawn the attention of parents and youth alike after going viral on Facebook. The advice came courtesy of a principal named John Tapene, who was quoting a judge who regularly deals with youths.
Responses to the clip include enthusiastic approval, with people saying they're going to print it out and post it on their refrigerator, as well as disproval, with others deeming it far too harsh and old-school authoritarian. For those who are suggesting the advice is somewhat dated, there might be a good explanation: If the Pierce County Tribune is correct, then these words date back to 1959. According to a 2010 post on the newspaper's website, staff members came across a clipping with a letter from Judge Phillip B. You're supposed to be mature enough to accept some of the responsibility your parents have carried for years.
They have nursed, protected, helped, appealed, begged, excused, tolerated and denied themselves needed comforts so that you could have every benefit. But now, you have no right to expect them to bow to every whim and fancy just because selfish ego instead of common sense dominates your personality, thinking and request. UPDATE January 20, 2015 -- Walt Burville wrote to The Huffington Post and identified multiple sources that confirm his mother, Doris S Burville, originally authored "Letter to a Teenager" in 1955. Concerned about your first job interview? Wondering how to make friends in a new city? This site is for you! Uncertain how to get your 8-year-old son to turn off the television? This site is for you!
Dr M and her co-advisers give you their best advice based on their background and experience.
To many parents, their teen age kids are a closed book, with a padlock, and poison spikes, and maybe a big dog in front of it. You’ve lived through 2 AM feedings, toddler temper tantrums, and the back-to-school blues. Girls receive mixed messages from society about what they are capable of and how they should look. There are very specific steps that moms can and should take to help their daughters get through adolescence with the least number of bumps and bruises. Giving teens a chance to establish their own identity, giving them more independence, is essential to helping them establish their own place in the world. The teen years often are a time of experimentation, and sometimes that experimentation includes risky behaviors. Your actions are even more than your words are critical in helping teens adopt good moral and ethical standards. Parenting effectively is a skill in itself and parenting teens require much more expertise due to the transitional stage the teens go through both psychologically and physically. A child going through the transitional stage of adolescence before finally becoming an adult is what is known as teen age. As the body as well as mind is going through a dynamic metamorphosis the teens constantly need support and understanding from the parents. Parenting can become quite tough yet just getting mentally prepared that a child is about to become a teen in a few years and identifying with their problems can help understanding teens a lot.The most frequent areas of friction between teens and parents are caused due to impatience of parents as well as the teens. Parents feel that their previous methods of parenting no longer work on their teen age kids and they feel betrayed. If parenting is not effective with teens there may be adverse effects like substance abuse, promiscuity, violence and aggressiveness, truancy and even suicidal attempts. Accepting teens as teens and no longer as little kids who will religiously follow their parents’ decision will itself give a matured view and understanding of teen age mannerisms to the parents.

As teens want independence parents can deliberately give them a certain level of space yet being carefully vigilant. Talking and discussing sensitive issues like sex, growing up, physical changes like a friend and also showing enough confidence in the teens is an integral part of effective parenting of teens. Moreover parents themselves must behave maturely themselves to imbibe maturity within the teens.
SIGN UP FOR OUR SMACKDOWN NEWSLETTER BY CLICKING THE BOX BELOW FOR OTHER GREAT PARENTING POSTS! Teenage girls who become mothers also need to become productive and contributing members of the society. In fact, lack of knowledge about birth control methods is one of the main reasons behind this.
Juggling the daily responsibility that parenthood demands, along with school, work, and social life can be extremely difficult.
They can deal with the completely different lifestyle of a new parent in a much better way than older parents. They often have to worry about other things such as finishing studies, finding a job, or working. When teenage girls become pregnant, they usually go into depression, and feel low self-esteem and anxiety. A number of social agencies offer ‘new mommy’ classes which can be quite beneficial for a teen mother.
A few specific jobs exists, which have been designed specifically for the teen mothers, and all federal and state protections are also applicable to teen moms. The huge drop out rates that most colleges see these days, have encouraged them to offer daycare programs to help teenage parents to attend high school classes conveniently. Getting enough support from the friends, family members, and the society in general can be quite helpful in coping with the challenges of young parenthood. This can also be quite challenging as you will need to study during the night time, when your parents, friends, or your partner can look after the child. This will help in reducing the pressure of taking care of the child, as well as help you cope up with the financial aspects of parenthood. Counseling can be extremely beneficial to help parents deal with various issues associated with becoming a parent at such a young age. In this way, you can also find information about topics like health, nutrition, and emotional development. Posts featuring a New Zealand school newsletter clipping have well over 10,000 shares on Mix 96.7's page alone. Worried about what your teenage daughter is up to when shes hanging out with her friends? This site is for you! Subscribe to the mailing list and get a daily update with the most important news about Business!
Whether you ban them from driving for a week or a month, whether you ground them for a week, cut back on their allowance or Internet use or whatever, set it in advance. Regular communication between parents can go a long way toward creating a safe environment for all teens in a peer group. If they have a good role model from early on, they will be less likely to make bad decisions in their rebellious teen years. Due to hormonal changes and being in a transitory position of being neither a child nor an adult the teens feel alone, misunderstood and depressed going into bouts of mood swings or self harming thoughts. Such problems may be related to choice of friends, sexual indulgence, school performance and time given for friends, self destructive behaviours, ways of styling and clothing preference etc. But parenting teens can be made into a joyous experience provided the right attitude is imbibed within the parents. Teens must be involved along with parents for things like household chores, fixing a flat tyre and so on.
When they say something that makes you want to say what my dad used to say to me, “You watch your mouth or you will be picking your teeth up off the floor.” Think that in your brain. Becoming a successful young woman as well as an efficient parent at the same time ban often be an insurmountable challenge.  The good news is that teen mothers can also learn the basics of looking after themselves as well as their child by learning certain important skills.
There are certain kinds of teenagers who are more likely to become pregnant in comparison to other teenagers of the same age.
Find suitable child care can also be tricky, especially if the parent is not able to afford it. So many young parent may feel dissatisfied with the time that they are able to give to their children. It is very important for the teenage mothers to be proactive, both in terms of emotional health as well as physical health. Besides this, a number of high schools and other such agencies are offering courses on parenting skills these days and teach new mother everything from home finance to basic nutrition.
When looking for a job, make sure that the company offers child-care plan to their employees as well. The entire society would be benefited if the teenage mothers are able to graduate high school.

Having a solid educational foundations will be beneficial in the long run, as it will increase your chances of getting a good job.
Your parents can also provide your with backup in case of an urgent requirement, and share helpful tips when it comes to taking care of a child.
Not only this, it is also a great way to get up-to-date information about child health care and development. Pregnancy & ParentingMay 02, 2012015 Early Signs And Symptoms Of PregnancyThe most joyful and exciting news that you can get is that you are pregnant.
They might be planning the things they can do or will buy “when they grow up.” As it is said, to travel far, one begins with the first few steps, so don’t really bother much! But doing these seemingly simple things for your daughter goes a long way in helping her through adolescence. When kids see them, see how their friends act with their parents, they can get a better sense of those friends. Share your family values with your teen and talk about what you believe is right and wrong. However, young parents whose bodies are still developing when they are pregnant can find it difficult to sustain the growth of two bodies at once.
If this is not the case, take the help of family members, houses of faith, local churches, and other such agencies to help you by looking after your child when you work. The website seems to sugget that the letter originally appeared in the South Bend Tribune a few weeks earlier.
Help her to value herself by making more positive than negative statements about and to your daughter. Explain to them that you need to walk away and calm down for a few minutes because you love them and you want to speak to them in a way that makes them feel loved. Then take a deep breath (or even the above timeout if necessary) and continue calmly assuming it’s the hormones. I’m telling you with authority that this is one of the most important things you need to do as the parent of a teen. One of the ways to accomplish this is by increasing social connections of the teen mother, which can support her emotionally.
However, it can be precarious when it comes to moms who are trying to send a positive message or show approval but signs of their disapproval are peeking through. Also empower your daughter by making her feel capable and confident to manage the world around her.
It’s only slightly better than what they want to say out loud to you, but trust me…IT’S BETTER. Then go to your room, throw pillows at the wall, count to 10 or 300 and then return with a calm voice and a calm heart.
When the arguments begin it is your job to behave like a calm rational adult who refuses to scream and say things they regret. Also, smoothing the relationship with one’s own family members is also very important to bring about a new sense of support and assurance of help. Adolescents also need to be around other adults, both male and female who act as positive role models for them. Always demonstrate that you value her opinions and prove that you are willing to consider them. About teaching daughters to be safe, while encouraging their independence and self-confidence. About making them self dependent yet be involved in their lives, and about teaching them making right decisions for their own sake.
Demonstrate sincerely that you are a good and willing listener and a trustworthy and flexible mom who will always be there for her. Visualize them as an adult and the two of you are watching their teenselves behaving like an idiot and you are laughing together at the memories.
You are their safety blanket and sometimes they need to squeeze the life out of that blanket because it’s the only thing they know for sure will not leave them. Try to plan activities and share time doing things together, but at the same respect her privacy and space.
You are mad because they acted like an ass at the family dinner but what you don’t realize is that today the girl he really likes was seen holding hands with the captain of the football team. At the same time don’t back down or be afraid to fight necessary battles that can affect her health, well-being, or future happiness. I may not agree with you, but I am willing to listen.” Trust me, it goes a LONG way in building a strong relationship.
Or the pressure of getting good grades is exhausting them and they aren’t sleeping and their panicked about a test on Friday.

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