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It is impossible to go through life without experiencing that hurt which comes from a unkind word, or a questionable glance.
I remember when I was very small—maybe four or five, sitting on a cushioned chapel bench and staring up into Mama’s face during the Sacrament prayer. I just read an article that says that Angelina Jolie is teaching her children to question authority. There are two parts to this question: why do we put so much stock into what celebrities say and do, and why do we criticize so harshly the way they parent?

After all when it really comes down to it celebrities’ lives, although similar in some respects to yours and mine, really are quite a bit different from the lives of most of us. Many celebrities have nannies for their children so they can spend time with their kids when they feel like it and hand them over to someone else when they’ve had enough. They also have the money to provide everything and anything that their children might need or want. Does the fact that celebrities have the money to have nannies for their children and to give them everything they might need or want make them any better or worse parents? Why do we judge her so harshly when we really don’t know the truth about her situation? Or, you may be parents who have thought long and hard about what your job as a parent entails and come up with your own methods of parenting.

In reality celebrities have probably done the same thing as you or I; they have decided to follow their parents methods of parenting or have come up with their own.
When these things happen we are left to wonder and assume what the person really thinks of us and if they intended to offend. One of our visitors came to me with a very pouty face and tattled on behaviors of two of the other children. As she sat with her head bowed and eyes closed throughout the passing of the bread and water, I thought about the words she had spoken.

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