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Following your baby’s interest in movement, seek out toys and household items that will allow for rolling or pulling across the floor. Get down on the floor with your baby, either in a sitting position (if your baby is sitting up yet, or if you have some pillows that can be used for comfort and support) or in a tummy time position. Once your baby seems to understand the way the object moves, try rolling it gently his or her way. Another great way to help your baby test this movement and the trajectory of certain items is to get a tube of some sort that you can roll balls or trucks through. With time, your baby may start to roll items back to you—though that likely won’t happen anytime soon.
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Have you ever been at the kitchen table, sitting eye to eye with a bleary eyed nine year-old and a fourth grade math problem?
Ask the teachers or experts you may know in your community and research ways you can assist with improving performance. If they are behind a grade level (or two) you can ask your child’s teacher for more information about in school programs offered that will meet the needs of your child.
I need as much help planning and preparing as possible in order to get out of the house on time.   To get me to work and the kids to school without yelling, fussing and having to turn around for a book bag that we forgot yet again, risking tardiness for all, I need help!

It’s nice to think about the fact that perhaps my daughter could one day be the next Debbie Allen, Misty Copeland or Aesha Ash .  Isn’t that a part of why parents sign their children up for extracurricular activities – for the possibilities? Play the College Game with the Kiddos this Weekend!A Wise Investment to Inspire the Artists in Your Home?
We do our best to eat healthy during the week, but on the weekend and especially road trips I like to let the kiddos (ahem…and myself) get nutritionally loose.  Sugars, salty snacks are all on deck.  And on National Doughnut day what better way to travel then with doughnut holes? Can Year Round Schooling Cure the Summer Slide?Study: Men Get More out of Sleep Than Women…Surprised?
Or watching intently as you push a vacuum across the carpet or slide a toy car from one place to another? There are plenty of baby toys made with this exact activity in mind, but paper towel rolls and rolling pins can also pique your little ones interest.
They will probably try to pick it up, and will likely attempt to put it in their mouth—so make sure to only use items that wouldn’t be dangerous for your baby to taste test! So for now, just enjoy watching your little one learn and grow through their understanding of movement. Health & Parenting Ltd disclaims any liability for the decisions you make based on this information, which is provided to you on a general informational basis only and not as a substitute for personalized medical advice.
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At home we recognized that she could learn how to do a math problem, but a few weeks later she would forget how.  How could that be? At this age, babies love to watch that movement, and they are especially interested in the path certain objects take to get from point A to point B. And maybe try to utilize your partner in another room, out of sight of your baby, so that you can roll items away and laugh gleefully as they come back.
Check out this moms tips on how to make laundry time in the house efficient (disclaimer: you must have kiddos 4 and older for this to work).
It’s that trajectory they are curious about, and helping them to explore that curiosity can be a great way to boost their brain development at this age! Watch how your baby’s eyes track those items, and talk about what you’re doing as you do it.
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Talk to him or her about the difference, and be animated in the game as you continue to engage your little one.

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