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Try to talk as much to your child about various things, such as his day at playschool, his favorite teacher, his best friend, etc. You may think that your toddler can learn a lot about language by watching movies and cartoons on the TV or iPad. A lot of times even if your child makes a mistake during a conversation, you probably ignore it thinking, “He’s just a child, he’ll learn along the way.” What you must remember is that your toddler won’t learn the difference between right and wrong unless you guide him. If there’s anything that motherhood has taught me, it is that nobody’s parenting journey is the same; nor is the growth chart of their kids.
Whenever I’d see my toddler’s cute little face, I’d automatically find myself cooing and babbling to him. These tips will surely help your toddler transform from being a quiet observer to an inquisitive chatterer very soon.
My son is 2 in 2 months and his speech is not yet there.iv done all these tip since he was 7months old and he just babbles. Because laundry is loads of fun, I'm giving away 3 FREE Laundry Room Printables when you subscribe to my mailing list. There are many things we have yet to conquer when it comes to teaching our children, keeping our cool, calming and preventing tantrums, etc., but we wanted to share our parenting tactics for toddlers that we have implemented in our home.
We would love to hear what has worked with you and your children when it comes to parenting tactics for your toddlers, because we still have a long road of toddlerhood ahead of us!
Be consistent, that is, reward or punish the same behavior in the same manner as much as possible.
Make it as clear as possible what the child is to expect if he or she performs the undesirable behavior. Once you have stated your position and the child attacks that position, do not keep defending yourself. If one of you is disciplining a child and the other enters the room, that other person should not step in on the argument in progress.
Reward desirable behavior as much as possible by verbal praise, touch or something tangible such as a toy, food or money.
Both of you should have an equal share in the responsibility of discipline as much as possible. Firm: Consequences should be clearly stated and then adhered to when the inappropriate behavior occurs.
Develop a nonverbal sign (gesture) that your children will accept as a signal that they are being inappropriate and need to change their behavior. When ever possible try to use reward and praise to motivate your child to improve their behavior.
Tell the child that each time he does something the first time he is asked, a happy face will be placed in a square. Describe the appropriate behavior for your child so he know exactly what behavior he is being praised and rewarded for. If a chip loss is taken very well by your child, it is a good idea to give him back a chip or two. Note: If your child runs out of chips, have a list of extra chores they can do to earn chips so that they remain on the system. August 19, 2015 By Katelyn Fagan 7 Comments The lives of new parents are extremely eventful and exciting to say the least. Doing this will encourage him to express his views, even if he has problems stringing sentences together. Every night before putting my toddler to bed, I used to read him out a new story comprising of different themes and usage of words.

In fact, the maximum amount of learning happens at home because that’s where your kid spends the maximum amount of time. The truth, however, is that these mediums are mainly for entertainment and aren’t very interactive. You can’t expect your little one to start walking or talking around the same time that your neighbor’s child did, or for that matter, even when your first child did. That was until I read about how baby talking could hinder his language learning capabilities, and the reasons were all justified.
All you need to do is bring about the perfect balance between being a great listener and an informative talker yourself!
She is a veteran writer on topics concerning parenting, child nutrition, wellness, health and lifestyle.
I hope you found posts that are honest, practical, and helpful to your soul, home, health, children, and spouse. I’ve done all of these with my son, and people always tell me how amazing his speech is. Instead it would be much more exciting if Rudy Fernandez would be in his place because he showed stunning dunks last year, only he was unlucky to dunk them on time and get to next round.
Don’t take off your diaper (we put duct tape over the adhesive parts of their diapers daily, but still get nakey babies sometimes).
No hitting, yelling, screaming, food throwing, hair pulling, or any other annoying, messy, or hurtful act. It’s hard to give both of my girls all the attention they both crave from me, especially at the exact same time, but I know when I do take the time to really play and interact with them and teach them it is so rewarding. I have twin boys that are turning 3 in 10 days and I am so glad to know I am not the only one with such problems. A place to build parenting skills that help parents to discipline kids from toddlers to teens as well as to encourage children and adolescents to feel positive about themselves and to become the winners they were meant to be. Visit the [Parenting Skills] and the [Emotional & Social Development] sections of the CDI Store. Also in the case of recurring behavior, consequences should be stated in advance so the child knows what to expect. Encourage them to try to remember what they should do instead to avoid future consequences.
For younger children, you can place a picture of the reward on the chart or for older children you can write it on the chart. You spend every day awaiting new surprises, milestones and amusing little moments involving your little one. When my husband and I had our little boy a few years ago, he’d constantly walk around with a Handy-cam in hand.
It will give him a lot of practice to develop his basic conversational skills while also help strengthening the bond you share with him. This gave him an immense amount of exposure to the world of language while also sparking up his imagination. Make sure you take your child to explore various places such as a park, a supermarket, a mall, a library, etc. Being glued to gadgets may expose your child to new ideas and concepts, but it can also make him susceptible to health concerns like poor eyesight and obesity, without adding onto his conversational skills.
For example, if your toddler says “oat” instead of “boat,” repeatedly use the correct pronunciation of the word during your conversation until he gets it right. You must be patient with your child’s speed and ability to grasp the nitty-gritties of a language. By baby talking, you give your child the impression that such is the right usage of language. Without you realizing, those words get ingrained in his vocabulary and stay with him for a very long time.

Lots of practical solutions for parents as well as tips for improving communication,building positive relationships and other useful parenting skills. The program provides immediate reward for appropriate behavior and immediate consequences for inappropriate behavior.
Some examples are: tantrums, yelling, screaming, fighting, arguing, throwing things, jumping on the furniture, getting up after bed time, swearing, putting others down. These can include: watching TV, playing outside, computer time, renting their bike or other large toy, playing a game with a parent, etc. Till today, my husband and I encourage our son to talk about the things that interest him while also telling him about things that concern us. Make sure the conversation is two-way, so your child gets enough opportunity to learn from you as well as practice.
Buy a lot of books surrounding subjects that interest and intrigue your little one, and encourage him to both listen and read the stories. In case your toddler is finding it hard to pick up verbal skills despite all your attempts, it would be a good idea to get some professional assistance.
I wouldn’t worry too much if he can say some words and seems to understand most of what you are saying to him and can obey simple commands.
Using a simple Time Out can be effective when it is used consistently every time the behavior occurs. By the way, if you have other children around the same age as the child for whom you are designing this program, put them on the program as well. If you are using a behavior modification program for school you can give them chips for each point earned on that system.
If things continue to go well, hold a meeting and celebrate all that you and your child have both gained from the system. From his first steps to his first words, everything was captured by the camera’s lens and forever etched in our hearts. In casual conversations later, ask your child about the things he saw at the park or the supermarket.
I remember my son and I used to have long conversations  with each other on his toy phones.
None of my three kids have been full coherent sentences by 1.5 years, more like after their second birthday.
Also, use of reward for a period of time like part of a day or a whole day when no Time Outs or maybe only one Time Out is received. Continue to use praise and encouragement to make sure this new habit remains and becomes even stronger.
Some possibilities are: getting up on time, brushing teeth, getting ready for school on time, playing nicely with brother or sister, completing chores such as feeding a pet or taking out the trash, saying please and thank you, doing things the first time they are asked, doing homework without a fuss, getting ready for bed on time, going to bed on time, cleaning bedroom. My husband and I’d compete for hours trying to get our toddler to say “mamma” or “dada” and would hurl shouts of joy each time he did! This is a great way to fuel your child’s inquisitive nature that will further aid his learning process and memory.
When parents learn and apply the three Fs of Effective using the parenting techniques on this page and others, they find that yelling, screaming and spanking disappear and a positive relationship is established. As he grew up, his grasp on language grew stronger, but it was still a challenge to expand his understanding and knowledge of words and phrases.

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