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September 22, 2014 by Ana Lynn I know the Internet is full of advice on how to handle unsolicited parenting tips from the in laws. However, there are a few tips and tricks I picked up from Frank’s side of the family that we try to incorporate into our parenting strategy. It’s best when grandparents offer advice when you ASK for it, instead of piping up every single time. Thanks for stopping by Lauren and for adding another vote for not fretting over everything! I’m with you there when it comes to waiting for the child to be ready for the major milestones instead of forcing them.
So instead of forcing them to hand over their toys on the spot, we need to teach them to stand up for themselves, take turns, and be willing to share when they are done. While I can see the point you are trying to make, what you have descried is not, in fact, sharing. A mother of five, who enjoys sharing her love of all things creative in hopes of inspiring other women and families.
Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe my readers will enjoy.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Islam gives great responsibility to the parents where in addition to providing for the children the parents have to work on forming their character on Islamic guidelines. Although in a Muslim household Quran tutoring is utilized as a means of earning reward, however, the parents need to realize that it is much more than that and they can extract guidance and meanings from Quran regarding any situation they face in life. The lines below discuss the parenting tips a Muslim can learn from Surah Luqman, but before that a brief introduction of Hazrat Luqman (AS) for the sake of understanding. Although Hazrat Luqman (AS) is not regarded as a Prophet, however, he is believed to be one of the believers and the wisest of men who was granted wisdom and knowledge by Allah. By teaching the children about oneness of Allah the parents are not just teaching them about one aspect of Islam, rather it is the foundation of Islam. Where there is responsibility of the parents involved in the parent-children relationship, at the same time the children are also supposed to respect their parents. Muslm parents face another challenge when they fail to teach their children the right way of pursuing life.
Muslim parents need to teach their children to create a balance between working hard and trusting Allah Almighty. A Muslim parent also has the duty of teaching the path of righteousness to the children and making sure that children offer prayers regularly.
In short, Muslim parents have to teach their children about life and the Islamic way of living it. I hope you find something here that will help you in your time of need because let’s face it, this parenting thing can be hard. I was never forced to eat anything, because when my mom was a kid, she was forced to eat things that made her sick. I try to explain why it’s NO at the moment and if there is ever a chance of that NO becoming a YES. I have struggled with my own in-laws at times, but there are some good things they have taught me (even some of the good has come from knowing what not to do…). Life is tough and we need to help our children learn to cope and deal or it will be even harder for them. There is no point in shielding them from everything because once we are gone they will be lost when something big hits them.
One, it teaches our kids to share for the wrong reasons, because we told them to, not because they want to! A willingness to share will come from our children when they can think about others and consider their feelings.

Let’s teach them to be assertive and help them develop empathy for others so they WANT to share, instead of forcing them.
It is the parents who are the primary source of guidance for their children and if parents do their part well, the chances of children growing up to better individuals increase substantially. Parents have to teach their children about what is wrong and what is right and how they can make their way through on the path of righteousness. In addition to the other verses and Surahs of Quran, the one Surah that Muslim parents can use for getting parenting tips is Surah Luqman from Quran. If the parents fail to perform this function, it means that the children do not have any foundation of Islam and when that foundation is lost, then they grow up to be anything else but Islam. It is by believe in Allah that the children find truth and it is by this that parents can actually acknowledge to the children that they also adhere to the Supreme and in obeying Him they are the same as their children. This is not something that is hard to come naturally to the children once they grow old, therefore, the parents have to teach them about this aspect of their relationship at a young age.
The parents need to tell their children that Islam has given them importance and respect and that children should treat them with it as well.
They either teach the children about working hard, or they teach them to leave everything and rely on Allah only. Both these factors are what need to be present in the life of a Muslim if he or she wishes to be successful. The parents are not free to let children do whatever they want, rather the children need to be told about the path of righteousness and the Islamic way of doing things, so that when they group and become independent individuals, they have a clear picture of what they believe in and how they are supposed to move on with their life.
She is also the founder of Love, Play, Learn, sharing kids’ activities, crafts, and fun that encourage learning through play. Don’t enable them to continue doing this, or it might find its way into their later life as well. The minute they would fall down, no matter how easy the fall was, she was right there by their side kissing boo boos away and checking them for broken bones. It takes more than a conscious decision to have a baby, do the deed to make it happen and then giving birth. I was forced to eat things I didn’t like which is why I still dislike them today and refuse to even prepare them. Not to mention her mother wasn’t happy with her speech so they sent her to a speech therapist as well. And Two, it teaches them that sharing is miserable because they have to give up their things, before they are done playing with them. So instead of forcing, model empathy and sharing yourself, and let the natural consequences teach them. Never miss a creative idea that she shares by connecting with her here, or read more of her posts. My husband and I read something similar to this a while ago and it really resonated with us but I can’t find it.
In other words, it is the parents in their house that reform or change a particular society. Luqman (AS) was primarily a slave and a carepenter, however, because of his wisdom and intellect he rose to prominence.
Moreover, in Islamic teaching the most fundamental preaching of Islam which they should teach to the children is worshiping Allah Almighty only. The parents need to tell the children about the status that Islam gives them and how children should behave with the parents. However, the parents must not hold back the full ayah and tell the children that their duty to Allah is greater than their duty to parents, thus, if there comes  a point in life where they have to chose between Allah and parents, the former should always be given preference.
Failing to incorporate any of these in life results in life falling apart and a person getting frustrated and hopeless in life. She has a passion for learning and play and is dedicated to creating a family full of love.

None of us are born predetermined for a specific role in life that prevents us from trying other things or with a written manifesto that states we must absolutely never, ever expand our limits. It requires being there for your child, knowing when to back down and knowing when to step in.
I let my son fall down, eat dirt, and participate in adventurous things that are sometimes beyond his abilities. I agree with Jaime that tips for politely sharing this view with other parents in the moment would be wonderful!
In Surah Luqman, Allah Almighty discusses the different advices that he gives to his son besides the other message in other ayahs of Quran as well. Moreover, in teaching children about respecting the parents, the parents should lead by example and demonstrate their teaching by respecting their own parents in front of children, so that they could see the preaching in practice as well.
But on the other hand, I also successfully potty trained my oldest and saw her great emotionally maturity. Some parents may lose their cool and yell at the child but if something happened on accident, there is no use in crying over spilled milk. Finding balance between hovering and caring, letting them experience the world on their own, and making sure nothing bad ever happens to them.
Children are so much more than an accessory, and if they are treated that way they will not thrive and reach their full potential. They even suggested I take Lesley to a speech therapist because at the age of 6 she has problems pronouncing the letter R Croatian way (think Spanish rolling R). Tips on standing up (nicely) to other parents who demand your child shares would be helpful! The lines below discuss the advices and how a Muslim parent should also adopt those advices. Finding happiness in motherhood was my number one goal of the year and in some ways I succeeded and others I failed. You can read all the parenting books in the world, soak up the knowledge from more experienced parents, or follow your gut all you want. I believe learning never stops, true love is forever, and with children comes an invisible SUCKER tattoo across everyone's forehead. I’ve explained to them that our daughter has been raised bilingual so she will have some issues with languages, not to mention even Croatian kids struggle with R. I shared some of it with you, and I thought that I would share with you my top 10 parenting tips posts in hopes that it will help you on your journey when you are at your lows or highs. Don’t think you can make it up to them by buying them lots of toys or the latest PlayStation, Iphone or a bunch of clothes. He’s become a lot more careful and wise about things because I let him explore and learn.
Think back and remember how many times you have fallen while playing and how many scraped knees you had.
Share with them, and encourage other family members to model appropriate sharing behavior also. They will fall down, they will wind up with scraped knees but don’t make a big deal out of every fall.
But if you distract them when they fall down and you see it’s nothing serious distract them from crying and let them continue playing.

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