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Gilboa shares that most parents try to make potty training important to kids citing that she's observed parents try prizes, stickers, praise and even candy as well as scolding, time outs, threats or other negative consequences. She answers the real question here, Why does this matter to us so much?, by saying, "Many parents feel that a potty-trained child signals successful parenting, and that a 4-year-old in diapers means they're parenting failures.
Real moms share with us what worked for them when it was finally time to potty train their little ones. Ilene Evans is a professional granola baker, writer, single mother and yoga teacher who blogs at The Fierce Diva Guide to Life.
Kimberly Muro is a mother of four with another on the way who pursued her passion in the photography world. Melissa Nielsen is a lover of chocolate, music and Sharpie markers who blogs about her adventure as a mom of children with autism.
Lauren Apfel is a classicist turned stay-at-home mom of four — including twins — who writes regularly on her blog omnimom and is a contributing blogger for Brain, Child Magazine. Lauren adds a note to moms of twins saying, "You might not want to potty train them at the same time. Val Curtis is the editor-in-chief of BonBon Break, an online magazine for women featuring the best of the web.
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To do this a child needs to be able to feel when they're full and know what it means — so that requires the nerves that lead from the bladder and rectum to the brain to be fully covered with myelin, or "insulation." For girls this happens between the ages of 18-30 months and for boys usually between 24-36 months.
She discourages using food and negativity for potty training but she does add that occasionally parents will find a long-term motivator that really speaks to their child, like, "You're only allowed to join that dance class if you use big girl underwear. This is not true!" She explains that some kids hate change, some kids care more about autonomy than making their parents happy and some kids would just rather play than bother with self-toileting.
About her best potty training tip, Ilene says, "I had gently suggested the idea of wearing "big girl panties" to my daughter a few times but never forced the issue. About her best potty training tip, Kimberly says, "With my kids I've waited until I knew they were really ready.
About her best potty training tip, Melissa says, "My advice is to wait until they're a little bit older.
Importantly, she adds that all of these reasons for later-than-you'd-like potty training are just fine.

A child has to learn how to control the bladder muscles in order to be successful, and that can't happen if they're still trying to figure out other gross motor skills like walking, running, jumping, etc.
If your child is truly ready, it should be a quick and painless endeavor — days or weeks, not months and certainly not years.
With two toddlers there is an understandable sense of wanting to "get it done" in one fell swoop, but this conflation can complicate matters. After battles with my first, we decided to let my daughter choose when she would potty train and it was a breeze. Step 3: Give them the choice between thepotty and the toilet, but tell them you’re not using nappies anymore. Potty training is one of most toddler parents' favorite conversation topics — and milestones to reach. The problem is that readiness is not always recognizable, especially to a first-time parent who doesn't "know it when she sees it." It's not just that your 22-month-old daughter can chat endlessly about peeing and pooing or that your 28-month-old son is gung-ho to try. The odds are that, for whatever reasons, your twins will not be ready at the exact same time.
By Lauren Wiener from Parents Magazine Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google Plus Email Print More Comments (0) close Continue Slideshow Prev of 20 View All Next Prev of 20 View All NextEverything in this slideshow 1 of 20 1 of 20 Facebook Pinterest Patience Is a VirtueWhen I thought my daughter was ready (around 26 months), we went to the toilet every 10 minutes -- even if we were out. She said as soon as he pooped in the potty, we should make it a celebration and switch to full-time underwear without looking back (gulp!) I told my son that the day he pooped in the potty, it meant he was ready to be done with diapers, and we'd go to the store and buy him special Lightning McQueen underwear. It's a constellation of emotional, physiological and developmental qualities, all of which must be present for success.
Training them consecutively — with however much space in between you feel is necessary — allows you to focus on each child individually: Their processes will most likely be different as well. We slowly worked up to 15 minutes, 20 minutes, etc., and after a day or two, she could pee on her own. We talked about it every so often while he experimented with peeing in the potty, but I tried to keep it casual and not put a whole lot of pressure on him. There were only panties and no matter how many accidents she had in one day, we stuck with only panties. In my experience, the biggest mistake parents make is starting too soon because they are ready to be done with diapers, not because their kid is. Poop was a different story -- I had to goad her with M&M's!-- Elissa Murnick; Fairfield, ConnecticutMy son mastered peeing on the potty pretty quickly, but nailing #2 took some extra effort.
So push away the voice inside your head that is telling you to potty train right now and listen to the voice from your little one.

It was the friends of mine insistent on putting 18-month-old bums on the toilet who were the ones still dealing with those bums at 3 years old. At first we had to watch for his "cues" to tell he was trying to go poop and then bring him to the bathroom. Because it took a while (sometimes more than a half-hour) we started reading to him to make the wait more fun. We went to Target that afternoon, and the next morning he raced to his drawer and pulled out his brand new Lightning underwear. Then I let them go sans pants at home for extended periods of time (they did really well remembering to go as long as they didn't have any clothes on). After they mastered naked-potty use, we worked our way up to clothes (first just underwear, then eventually pants).
3 of 20 3 of 20 Facebook Pinterest Timing Is EverythingAre you counting down the days to the toilet transition?
Promise that each time your kid goes potty, she gets two or three, but if she wipes herself (a huge challenge for us) then she gets four or five. Our daughter was entranced -- she would shake the piggy with a gleam in her eye and remark how heavy it was getting.
5 of 20 5 of 20 Facebook Pinterest Daddy Does ItAfter a couple of failed attempts, I tried a new technique while Mom was away on a well-deserved weekend with her friends.
We covered the couch and chairs with plastic and bought "manly-man" underwear -- just like Dad's. We spent the weekend in underwear and T-shirts, making a game every hour or so to see who could go to the restroom. 7 of 20 7 of 20 Facebook Pinterest Target PracticeGetting my son to learn the standing-up thing was hard, so we turned it into a game. Every time he did it right, he got to pick out a prize from a bag of goodies I picked up at the dollar store.

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