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You’re sitting in a restaurant waiting the prerequisite ten to fifteen minutes for your food to be served, chatting quietly with your spouse and two-year-old, when it happens, that dreaded moment that every parent fears…the sudden switch from table companion to meltdown mayhem when life as you and every patron, staff member, and passerby know it is turned inside out and upside down. Making a habit out of wearing your little one or letting them ride in a cart or stroller while in stores and keeping them happily occupied while secured in a highchair or on your lap when in restaurants are proactive steps that will help prevent issues with running around and getting into things.
Keeping your little person occupied is always a good place to start, but if yelling or screaming still become an issue, try responding with a whispered question or two.
Actively work at avoiding confrontations and meltdowns by giving choices, staying engaged, listening to your child, and paying attention to triggers such as hunger, tiredness, sickness, etc.
The Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453) is dedicated to the prevention of child abuse.
Only until recently have I discovered how boys, not just toddlers, get caught up in the storylines of the epic struggle between good and evil. I remember when my first born was a toddler and I decided that we were not going to purchase toy guns for our son and I managed to convince my husband to agree. If you have girls I want to encourage you, not to compare your little guy to his big sister and her development. So join me in this journey as we go through the book Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys by Stephen James and David S. We all need boundaries in our life but our little 2-5 year old boys especially need them because they haven’t learned how to self-regulate. A more productive and reasonable way to set boundaries for Explorers (toddler boys) is to redirect this energy toward usefulness.
When we talk to our little boys about boundaries make sure that you’re being short and succinct in our guidance.
Many toddlers boys may appear to be quite aggressive in this stage of their development and their are lots of reasons this is the case but one explanation is that our little boys brain secretes less serotonin than that of a girl.
Race time took place whenever the need arose–rain or shine, warm or freezing, day or night. The book mentions that our toddler boys need a great deal of structure and consistency but after working with inner-city middle school kids, I believe kids of all ages NEED structure and consistency. You can also offer consistency with their naps, meals, snacks, morning and bedtime routines. Boys need for us to understand the uniqueness of their wiring and to respond to them accordingly.
I hope you walk away with some great tools from reading chapter one of this book, I sure have.
Don’t forget to pour on the positive affirmation into the hearts of our little boys who in so many ways want to please us.
Note: All of the quotes and tips from above are from the book Wild Things the Art of Nurturing Boys by Stephen James and David C. Subscribe to our weekly newsletters and receive a 12 month Family Time Planner & Ideas for free! I’m really looking for a once-a-week music or art class where my 14-month old son can have some ‘free’ playtime with kids his age. Michelle Maffei is a freelance copywriter covering a variety of topics both online and in print, from parenting to beauty and more. Whether it is antibiotics or children's pain reliever, it seems like your youngster hits the door running as soon as he sees you pull out the spoon.

Making faces or comments that the medicine is yucky will automatically put your toddler on the defensive, so don't set yourself up for a fight.
Toddlers can be easy people to please, so try changing up your delivery for a fuss-free dose of medication. What he doesn't know won't hurt him, especially when it has to do with getting him to take his medication and get on the path to recovery. Sometimes, refusing to take medicine is an issue of control for toddlers, so let him pick which flavor the pharmacist will add to the medication.
Although this trick for getting your kiddo to take medicine will only work with the most reasonable kids, it's worth a shot to shed light on the benefits of the medication he's taking. Sometimes, a mouthful of medication is recipe for gagging, so let your toddler know he can take his medicine a few drops at a time. When it comes time to take medicine, try not to engage in a struggle -- or else taking over-the-counter drugs or antibiotics can foster a negative connotation every time. What to do when your toddler sleeps on the floor Best iTunes music for toddlers and preschoolers Should you force your toddler to eat?
That insignificant ten to fifteen minute waiting period for food to arrive is actually eons in toddler time, eons of hunger, eons of boredom, eons of stillness, eons of being expected to act like the adult that they are years and years (eons!) away from becoming.
In toddler time, an hour at the park is gone in the blink of an eye, and fun things like being strapped into car seats and baths and naps awaiting at home just add insult to injury. To keep their novelty value, only get them out when you go into a store or restaurant and let your little one play with one toy at a time until it’s time to go, saving one last special toy for the car ride home.
Or brainstorm with your little one ahead of time to come up with a fun activity to do after the park like playing a favorite game together or stopping by the library to pick up a new book to read together. Humor is a powerful parenting tool, and car seats presented as rocket ships to the moon, shared naptimes (parents can always use the extra sleep!) on marshmallow planets, highchair-bound movie directors with mommy and daddy as the actors, and shopping carts cars that continually stall and need to be fixed by their little riders are all inventive ways of keeping little people too busy and happy to meltdown.
When our parenting goals shift from meeting needs and guiding actions to controlling our children, they invariably rebel and the battle is on, not a happy circumstance at any time, but especially difficult to handle in public!
It was filed under babywearing, discipline, gentle discipline, gentle parenting, meltdown, play, positive discipline, positive parenting, preschooler, quiet bag, tantrum, toddler and was tagged with discipline, parenting, preschoolers, quiet bags, tantrum, toddlers. Seriously, it’s interwoven in pretty much all of my boys pretend play and the adventures they come up with. If you look at statures about pubertal boys with an eye for this, you’ll notice that in the stories, inspirational aphorisms are integrated into a call for young men to put forth their best, most mature selves by setting out on a journey of maturation in which they will seek a path to truth, strength and purpose.
My boys spend so much time arguing who is going to be the bad guy and the good guy and figuring out every detail of their battle plans.
One of my boys was definitely not this way but my other two were and one still is he’s only 5.
She marched her little fellas out the front door to the steps, lined them up, and raised the flag. The wonderful thing is that many of these things have helped me even with my boys who aren’t in the toddler stage. When they feel successful and affirmed we are more likely to see them bloom and feel loved in their stage of life.
Because he is no longer in daycare, I’d like to still keep him social and find an activity special for the two of us.
Resorting to force-feeding your child medication only to have him spit it out on your shirt isn't the only option.

Offer him a sweet treat, prize or privilege such as hitting the park if he takes his medicine without a fight. When it's time for him to take his medication, mask your feelings and offer lots of praise when the deed is done. Add the prescribed amount of medicine to a small amount of juice, yogurt or even peanut butter to mask the flavor.
And, for instances when your child has to take another round of prescriptions such as antibiotics, change up the flavor to lessen the chance he'll resist taking medicine again. When you explain that the only way he'll get better is if he takes the medicine his pediatrician has prescribed, the less likely it may seem like it's you against him. Although it may be tough to convince your child the topic is not a free pass to argue, learning how to trick your toddler into taking medicine may cut down on the tears -- both yours and his -- so your little one can be on the mend sooner! The idea is to involve your toddler in the planning so they feel like they have some control over their lives and also to have something fun to look forward to that will help them through transitions (which are always hard for little ones). When I started to listen in their little world pretend play, I was intrigued by how they are swept away by the magic of it all–good and evil. Many things will overlap in their development and characteristics but some things just need to be handled different with our boys.
I think the last one has just learned to roll with the punches but it wasn’t that way with all of them. One picture with a link back may be used provided that full and clear credit is given to Inspired by Familia and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Excerpts (no more then 2 sentences)and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Mari Hernandez-Tuten and Inspired by Family Magazine with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. From masking the meds in food to dividing up doses over a few minutes' time, discover fuss-free tips on how to trick your toddler into taking medicine. Don't try to force down medicine or it will come right back up or be sprayed in the parent's face," warns Dr. We only allow him to bring one, but maybe we should start thinking about having a special one for him, and getting him used to bringing that one.
When I was a little girl that was not the case, my make believe world consisted of my dolls playing and talking with each other.
Share in the comments what you’ve gleaned from chapter 1 and stop by our Facebook Group where you can ask questions, encourage each other and share articles that we find helpful along the way.
The authors share some research where it was discovered that boys brains are wired for activity and girls brain tends to lean towards personal connection. I’ve checked numerous websites, but can’t find programming registrations or even class listings.
If he hits his brother, I walk over each time and talk to him about it, “Remember hands are not for hitting.

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