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Your browser is not supported, you are using an outdated browser, please upgrade your browser. So what’s the best way to deal with this transition from having a big chunk of restorative sleep in the afternoon to being able to make it through to bedtime at night without any major meltdowns – for tot and parent?
Studies show that a lot of children are still napping at the age of four years, but there are also many who start ditching that sleep well before.
Researchers today believe that tots take naps because a need to sleep builds up in their brains and it becomes a biological necessity. You may want to adjust his dinner, bath and bedtimes for a few weeks as he adapts to being awake all day – that is, bring all forward an hour or so.

This article was written by Fiona Baker for Kidspot, New Zealand's best parenting resource. Iā€™m interviewing a pediatrician this afternoon about kids and sleep issues ā€” not wanting to go to bed, waking up in the night, co-sleeping, etc.
Comments (0) VeerBabies seem unfazed by darkness; if their mommy is holding them, it doesn't matter much whether it's night or day.
Nevertheless, these studies have found that at the age of five years, 20 per cent of kids are still having an afternoon nap of sorts.
As their brain matures, and they are able to tolerate being awake, kids will fight going down for a nap.

While fear of darkness is quite common and totally outgrow-able, it's smart to nip night fright in the bud to avoid prolonged anxiety and interrupted sleep. In fact, infants who rely on their parents for help settling down for night-night are more likely to have night wakings both now and when they're older, too.One way to help spook-proof the dark is to have your kiddo help pick out a fun nightlight and comfort item. Kushnir's research, featured in the European Journal of Pediatrics, found that sleeping with a new stuffed puppy (the comfort item provided in the experiment) significantly reduced bedtime fears and improved sleep for three quarters of the kids after just one month.If you want to put this research to the test, give your child a new stuffed toy and tell her she needs to protect her pup (or bunny, duck, whatever).

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