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Download free printable reward charts and discover other great potty training tools for getting your child toilet trained.
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Find the greatest product deals on Primo PRI-535 Primo 4 in 1 Soft Seat Toilet Trainer and Step Stool in White. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Tuesday, June 7 at 6:30pmProgram Code: SAJ409It's nearly summer, the time when thoughts of parents with young children turn to toilet training! A chart is one of the best tools to help your child learn the necessary skills needed to be ready for the official day of getting trained. Learn how to recognize the signs of readiness for this cooperative endeavor between parent and child and how to make it a positive experience for both you and your child.

It aids in learning, making it go much faster and makes it seem more fun to your child, but again it is not absolutely necessary to your child's success. Leah Dumbroff, parent educator, will offer practical suggestions and helpful hints to guide parents through this sometimes trying period.
At least 2-3 kids books about toileting (you can probably find some at your local library to check out)2. DVD potty training movies, such as Elmo Potty Time and Bear in the Big Blue House (we found these at our local library)5.

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