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Potty Training in One Day offers a method of potty training that has been used by many parents; in fact, the author and innovator of this method used it with both of her children. The ultimate goal of Potty Training in One Day is to minimize anxiety, and maximize pace, so that this process can be a more enjoyable one! Check out the rest of our potty training girls products and tips to aid you in the potty training process. We had failed so miserably with potty training our 4.5-year-old that 3 days ago, he had successfully peed in the potty 1 time in his life.
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Potty training your child can be difficult and you have to clean up the mess when your child do not use potty. Once you learn how to potty train your child, it will become easier for you and your child.
You can know when your child is ready for potty training by observing the dry diaper for long hours. When you start the training, your child should be in a position to understand what you are saying and what are the instructions to follow. Teach your child how to sit on the potty chair while keeping their clothes on and while watching the television. Also, remember that when your child is not ready for potty, do not pressurize or force him too much.
This book has some great tips and I'm looking forward to seeing if they work. 5 Stars - (Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous It really works!

I thought this one had some better information on things like night wetting, but that the other one described the process itself a little better, especially going into more detail about WHY it works and thus stressing the importance of following every step. When your child maintains diaper dry for at least two hours, then your child is ready for potty training. Before going for potty, you have to see whether your child is able to walk well, pull his pants up and down and ability to get up or sit down on the chair.
When they see video and books, they become less confused and learn potty training easily and quickly. In fact, this method had been recommended to me before and without reading the book, I attempted to do what they described. I did disagree with the idea that a toy could be substituted as a reward instead of edible treats, because part of the process is to keep things distraction-free. Give the potty chair to your child so that they can decorate or use some stickers to put on it. Only after reading the book did I realize that I had left out a lot of the important details.
Whenever your child has to go to toilet, show them the potty and ask him to sit on it, even if diapers are present.
Delay the potty training when a new born enters into the home because they may feel they are neglected. It didn't matter that he wanted to use the potty — he just couldn't yet, and so what should have taken just a few months dragged on for about a year. I think they were catering to an overly health conscious segment of the population and doing it badly. Personally, I don't think marshmallows or m&m's permanently damaged my child, but if that causes problems for you, I'd still recommend food -- maybe dried fruit or something. 5 Stars - 2nd generation!!!

Now I am ordering the DVD etc., so he and his wife can use it to train my 15 month old granddaughter. This story can be read before bedtime or any time during the day to help reinforce the message that going to the potty is what big kids do.
Developed by the makers of Pull-Ups training pants, this app not only helps you keep a regular potty schedule, but also helps reward your child for each trip to the potty with games, songs, and virtual stickers. The only downfall is that if you move to another app or your phone's home screen, the timer resets.
When training is successfully completed, iGo Potty creates a printable "I'm a Big Kid Now" certificate. This app takes that old-school method and kicks it into overdrive with super-cool sound effects, animation, and more.
Virtually flip through the colorful pages as each word is highlighted for beginning readers.
Girl and boy versions are available.While potty training can definitely be a trying time, have comfort that these apps will help you get through the long journey. As my son's preschooler teacher once said, "I've never seen a high schooler wearing diapers" — in other words, potty training will happen … eventually.This story originally appeared on Tecca.

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