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If you want your dog to be well-behaved, obedient, calm and balanced, it is of utmost importance for him to be properly trained and socialized. Poorly socialized dogs are much more likely to bite, bark excessively and get into fights with other dogs or be abnormally fearful of unfamiliar people, dogs, environments (e.g. If you think that you need some professional help and guidance, don’t hesitate to seek it. The thought of having a new puppy to welcome into the family is indeed a very exciting situation.
When engaging your new pet to puppy obedience training, it is highly recommended that you use positive reinforcement. In order to prevent behavioral problems such as excessive barking and being aggressive with strangers, it is best that you socialize your puppy not only with other people, but as well as other pets and animals.
We only pick the best NATURAL ingredients in making our product, that means your pet gets all the nutrition it needs and none of the harmful chemicals that could harm your adorable ones.
There are certain things that every dog owner should know if they expect their dog to grow up to be a well behaved, well adjusted dog. These are just a few things to keep in mind if you want a dog that is happy, obedient and well adjusted. A collection of funny and cute puppy and cat pictures and information about pets including Golden Retriever, Perritos Bebes, Scottish Fold and more.
The end goal of both is a well-behaved, obedient and balanced dog but while the reward approach focuses on the positives, punishment-based training methods focus on discouraging undesirable behavior. When the dog is rewarded for a particular behavior either by receiving a treat, praise or something else that brings him pleasure, he will associate that behavior with enjoyment and will be happy to repeat it in the future.
Dog trainers and experts are eager to help you train and socialize your dog through group classes and private sessions. Because let us face it, puppies are simply adorable and cute and it can definitely bring a smile into anyone’s face.

This means that you will incorporate a lot of praise, encouragement and rewards in your training.
If a puppy shows aggressive behavior, then it is highly likely that it doesn’t like whatever it is that you are doing to it. Puppies learn from repetition, so if it not okay to stay in the couch, be sure that you enforce this rule with no exceptions. Puppies very much like to bite and chew on to things, so in order to avoid damage to your properties, provide them with toys that are specially made for puppies. The memory span of a puppy is considerably less than a grown up dog, so being consistent and having a stretching your patience is much needed for your puppy to learn and instill all the things that you’re teaching to it.
These tips are some basic ideas you should keep in mind so that your dog training can go smoothly and be fun for you and your dog. Your tone of voice, volume and body language should never convey to your dog that you are beginning to get frustrated or angry. Every action you allow your dog to get away with may gradually undo what you are trying to teach him. When correcting an inappropriate behavior a simple No Off and redirecting to the appropriate behavior is enough. Teach your dog in a positive way that you control things, be consistent with your training and praise for a job well done. But before starting with the process of training and socializing, it is important to be well informed about different options, how they work and how effective they are. Punishment of unwanted behavior, for example being taken away or denied the things he finds enjoyable, on the other hand, will discourage the dog to repeat it to avoid negative consequences.
So if you want your dog to behave well when other people and animals are around, and stay calm and relaxed in a wide range of situations and environments, it is crucial for him to be well socialized. This is because after the age of 18 weeks, dogs become very wary of everything that is new including people, places, other dogs and pets, noises, etc.

But as the owner of the puppy, there are several responsibilities that you need to keep in mind. The use of positive reinforcement when your puppy does something desirable will help it with associating such actions to be favorable and can get him a reward.
Remember that you are dealing with an immature pet so be sure that you are flexible and patient.
Just keep in mind where your puppy is on vaccinations and do not take them to public areas like dog parks or big box dog stores. If you understand how dogs think, which is not complicated, very black and white, and in the moment, you can help your dog be a better dog.
While some claim that dog training should involve only rewarding good behavior, others say it is just as important to sanction misbehavior.
A firm and a deeper toned voice (but not shouting) is already enough to show your dog who’s the boss! When he does something wrong, immediately say no, wrong or no off and re-direct to the proper action. Dog puppy training is an absolute requirement if you do not want to deal with pet behavioral problems later on.
No matter which training method you choose, it is necessary to stick to it and be consistent. As the owner, the responsibility of habituating your puppy and make them fit in your family, lies in your own hands.

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