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A: If you pig is throwing up or has diarrhea and can not keep anything down or in them, you have a semi short time to correct this issue before your pig could become dehydrated and salt poisoned and possibly die.
A: They are rooting on you they do this to each other they do this to their mother so if they are doing it to you then they must like you.
Or if you have a questions please feel free to shoot us an email we would be happy to help.
If they are itchy just apply lotion to moisten their skin and feed wheat germ oil (see more about feeding on our Feeding page)! Video it and post it on our FaceBook page I love to see them running and playing but Im never fast enough with the camera and when I run after them to video they always stop and look at me like "what are you doing?" So enjoy it! Pigs require water for a variety of reasons, including most metabolic functions, adjustment of body temperature, movement of nutrients into the body tissues, removal of metabolic waste, production of milk, and for growth and reproduction. In fact, 80% of the empty body weight of the newborn pig and about 53% of a market hog is water.

One of those should do the trick if they throw it up or it runs straight threw them give it to them again. I have found on occasions when one of our pigs had stuff bothering it between its teeth that it was easily fixed by a good tooth brushing and a lil human tooth paste will not hurt them. So the soap you use really depends on the condition of your pigs skin and coat as well as your preference. And we make sure the piglets are well fed before the flight and have a fluffy bed in their crate and also a blanket that smells like home. We find a lot of pigs being fed a processed dry food have issues with constipation, this can be corrected by insuring the pig get plenty of additional fiber from fresh greens, fruits and veggies. As well as aids in digestion and supports joint health even to the point of reversing arthritis. It may take a while but once they realize that the pushing has to do with the grinding they will stop.

And I have instructions that I send to the customer before shipping of things they should take to pick them up and I wait by the phone for them to call when they have the piglet safe in their care.
2.Water demand will increase in proportion to the crude protein of the diet so pigs being fed man made pellet feeds will drink more water then pigs on a raw diet. High ambient temperatures will increase water requirements, so the hotter it is the more water they need.

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