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I have purchased many Gerber "training pants" at the stores but they always fall apart very quickly.
These training pants are perfect for the eco-friendly mom looking for alternatives to disposable training pants. We needed these to help our son start potty training, because the disposible training pants are too much like a diaper. The training pants have a soft bamboo inner shell (feels and looks like terry cloth), waterproof outer shell, and absorbent padding throughout the crotch.

Thanks! Keeps the bed dry (Feb 14, 2013) Reviewer: Raphaele Machado These rubber pants are the best.
This was nice to have to put over his cotton training pants to help keep up with his accidents.
We'll be saving them for our second son who isn't quited ready to train. Best Plastic Pants (Apr 08, 2009) Reviewer: Gina These are the best plastic pants I have ever purchased! My daughter is at the bottom of the weight limit, but the elastic leaves marks on her thighs because they are too tight.

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