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The unresearched plan was simple: triple the regular Rice Krispie treat recipe, mold a mountain around a Barbie doll and decorate it with candy and frosting. Since Rose will only wear blue dresses, it was very important that this doll cake have a blue dress and we tried our darnedest to make this happen. Alas, Rice Krispies are apparently yellow enough to turn blue marshmallow goo green, but behold! If you attempt this at home, my insider tip is to put the Barbie in AFTER you make a giant Rice Krispie hill instead of trying to build a dress around the Barbie. The dress had the potential to be really beautiful even with ME decorating it, but my kids really wanted at it and they decorated it themselves. If you try again, you could frost the rice crispy treat dress with blue frosting, and then sprinkle with edible glitter (from Michael’s). Their birthdays are a month apart and I am not cleaning my house and inviting the same people over twice in 34ish days, so we just lumped them together.
The dress pan cost at least $20 and by the time I bought the doll, cake mix and cake decorating stuff we’d probably be back up at $36 or higher. We used two bags of big marshmallows, two boxes of Rice Krispies, margarine, a can of blue frosting, blue food coloring, Twizzlers, multi-colored mini-marshmallows, candy corn, two types of sprinkles and gummy bears.

This past Monday, I called Meijer to see how much the famed Barbie dress birthday cake cost.
Sure, I could use the pan again, but I know I suck at cake baking and decorating and probably shouldn’t even try.
It seemed like we were going to have a blue dress even after we poured it into the cereal (and I burned my arm something awful on the pot). Once I made a mountain without her in it, she slid into the goo fairly easily and didn’t have much more trouble with tilting, though some of the Rice Krispie chunks did try to jump off her waist before things solidified. I love the rice crispy idea tho, way cheaper than buying the pan, and easier to work with than cake! I just saw that there’s a way to make the cake without the special pan, but that would be an absolute disaster with me involved. I had a feeling that if I sculpted some warm Rice Krispie treats, I could make them into a Barbie dress. She is too young to go to the supermarket by herself, so accompany her there and back home. Help her choose some special and unique decorations so all of the guest apreciate her wonderful cake.

I’ve been trying to decorate a decent cake for the past 4 years and 80% of the time I take a cake out of the pan it falls apart.
Help baby Barbie shop for the necessary cooking ingredients, filling up the trolley with the items she points out to.
Have fun with the cute baby girl in her fancy kitchen baking a yummy birthday cake with fresh strawberries on top. Clean up the kitchen afterwards and hide the tasty surprise so her mom won't see it when she walks in. The little princess drew a gorgeous birthday card at school and you have to color it for her while she hangs up some decorative balloons and confetti.

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