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I have a beautiful little baby girl from carrot house, the suuport is amazing, the videos are soo helpful when you first get your baby ….
How do you play the game if they wan visitors then don’t make it so damn hard to have an account so you can have a virtual game. I organised several games and activities for my sister’s Pink Flavoured Baby Shower and they were a whole lot more successful than I had anticipated! It was a fun game…even if a little on the gross side – do we really feed babies this jarred stuff?
What I did, was put each label into a corresponding envelope to reveal when everyone had made their choices. When game time came around, I removed the jar lids, and gave out some paper plates for people to scoop food onto to taste from. I think you only have to look through the reaction photos to know how this one worked out!!
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Here is another very interesting game for a group of people who like to play game while remaining seated. How to play:Distribute baby shower food scramble game cards amog your baby shower party guests along with a pen or pencil. Print this very interesting food scramble game in blue color after clicking on the image on the left and saving the bigger image in your computer. If you are having a girl baby shower then you would like to use this printable game in pink color. For a gender neutral baby shower party I have prepared baby food scramble game in green color.
Here is a fun Angel Baby Shower Game that tests how well you know your Angel lyrics of popular songs. Everyone really got into the spirit of things and they were great fun, as well as bringing all the guests who didn’t know each other together. I created some custom labels to stick on, but you could just as easily use sticky labels that you write numbers (or letters on) and keep tally of what is what on a hidden sheet of paper. Initially, the weather was looking a little suspect on the morning of the baby shower, so I set everything up inside, eventually, as the sun came out to play, we all moved outside, including the games!

It was quite amusing to watch people’s reactions to the taste of the food and to hear their guessing of what each jar was! It was hilarious, and if you’re holding a baby shower for someone, I encourage you to give this game a try!
Moms in your baby shower party are supposed to win this game more easily as they have to unscramble baby food names. Ask your baby shower party guests to unscramble all the food names with in five minutes of time. Blue version of this game is perfect if you are holding a boy baby shower and this printable will go well with any baby shower theme.
I have made really cute free printable baby food scramble game for baby shower party in three colors so you can easily play this game on girl or boy baby showers and even when you do not know or do not want to disclose gender of the baby. If you print this game on card stock then it will give an entirely different effect and feel.

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