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Cecilia can do all the motions open door pull down pants undies ect sit wipe washe hands dress ect.
Deanna wife to Shawn since 2001 mom to teen Cecilia and our 5 year old Margaret and three I will hold one day in heaven. For my DD I just taped up a blank piece of paper and let her put a sticker on it wherever she wanted to put it. I'm thinking of something similiar to this something that can help her visulize the entire process.
Are you looking for ways to make your child's potty training experience for easier and faster? I have potty trained 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls, and we used a lot of potty training reward charts. The middle chart is a potty training chart and is designed for beginners at potty training. The potty readiness log on the right is designed for you, Mom or Dad, to use for a couple of weeks to decide if your toddler is showing readiness signs for potty training. It's always good to have a printable rewards chart going that doesn't have anything to do with potty training.

Instead of using a free potty training chart to motivate your son or daughter, get a large jar of marbles or buttons and have them transfer one marble or button each time they do well on their potty seat. Draw up a colorful list of prizes that can be earned with various amounts of buttons or marbles.
Many times just one new piece of toilet training advice that I hadn't considered before was just the help I needed to help my child over a potty training hump. Specific tips to help potty training for girls move smoothly (I've trained two girls myself). If you submit comments, we ask your permission to share your comments on our website (see permission checkbox below).
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We will only use the first name and initial of your last name when saying where the comment or quote came from. For more information, including a list of upcoming scheduled breaks, see GCM's Monthly Weekend Breaks in 2016 sticky. She can tell me if she wet dry and can even tell me whens ehs going to pee (about 80% of the time) Shes successfully had a few pee in toliet at school but none at home. You want something small, like a sticker or a small candy, but every child is different and you need to use what motivates YOUR child, not simply what every other parent is trying.

That has two effects: 1) you make sure your child is learning what it means to be successful in all areas of life which will spill over into potty training and 2) a separate chart keeps you from over-focusing (and nagging) on the potty training process alone.
When your toddler sees the whole family involved in using reward charts of some kind it will help him to stay highly motivated. Keep the amount needed low (and the prizes simple), especially during the first stages of training so that your trainee can experience success. My daughter and I used to make up outlandish and extremely silly potty songs as she sat on her potty chair.
By the time your child is fully potty trained, you'll have your stories ready to tell to other parents who are just starting this process with their child. She was just used to peeing in them but once I put pants that let the pee run down her leg she trained herself.
If you want to potty train quickly and efficiently, get a guide that will answer your questions as they come up.
I'm all for relaxed PL and letting her lead but I'm begining to think I'm making it worse not helping her be consistent. A huge issue I really think wre having is me, I'm not consistant in helping her I get lazy and just stick her in diaper and don't bother honestly I think I'm sending mixed signals.

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