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As for the ad, kudos to Squatty Potty for figuring out a way to talk about poop for an extended period of time without it being completely disgusting and actually making it entertaining to boot.
At the bottom of this article, I’ve placed a download link so you can print out your own copy of this important chart! Free download: Get the elimination diagram that I use in my bathroom to change the bathroom habits of my guests. Hello, just seen the tip on the FauxShow, I will try it out soon, not because I care of my health, but because of my laziness of getting to the store like 3 times a month for toilet paper! I’ve had about half a dozen people use my bathroom, see this sign, laugh out loud, try it anyway, then adopt the method in their own bathroom.

Their website has links to a number of testimonials and medical research on proper pooping. Never really thought I was improving my movement, I just did it because I have short legs and it’s more comfortable. I was always puzzled when they would go into the bathroom and you would see their feet disappear from under the stall door. The Squatty Potty is basically a footstool that elevates your feet, putting your body in the squat position, which apparently releases the kink in your colon, and allows for easier defecation. As it turns out, a lot of the toilets in china are flush with the floor so you just squat over it to do your business.

The girls who were used to this would squat on the toilet seat when faced with our american toilets.

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